Hair meets art: how to get creative with stencilling and temporary colour

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Hair trends come and go nearly as quickly as Taylor Swift's suitors. This can make it hard to commit to drastic changes, because as soon as you make the change, there is another trend catching your eye, filling up your Pinterest boards, and covering your Instagram feeds. The savvy way of staying on trend, as well as pushing the boundaries, is going for the temporary option. From songstresses to the Insta-famous, everyone seems to be trying out temporary changes that allow them to express themselves without the commitment, and vary their hairstyle to match their chosen look for the night. Better yet, it allows you to change your hair without the damage permanent colour can cause when you're a hair chameleon.

Temporary colour trends

Temporary colour products are no longer solely reserved for teen girls at the school disco; with high-end brands, and celebrities, adopting the trend, temporary colour has turned from fast fashion to high fashion. From chalks to creams, there are no shortage of products that'll change up your look -- even if only for a day. For the best impact, and staying power, invest in quality colouring products to ensure your on-trend style looks as good at the end of the day, as it does at the start.

What's the best method?

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There are many different ways to apply temporary colour, with options that will last from just a few hours to those that will last days. If you're after all-over colour that lasts a few days, a wash out cream is your best option. This generally works best on pre-lightened hair, as you will get the most true-to-colour shade. If you're after a pastel tone, dilute the cream with conditioner. To ensure consistent colour, comb the cream through small sections, and work it through with your hands -- gloves are strongly advised for this process. Always follow the instructions in regards to processing time, in order to get the most out of your colour.

Cream colour also works well for creating bright highlights. To get this look, keep your strands separated, and perhaps play with a few colours to perfect the mesmerising mermaid hair look that is so on-trend at the moment. Cream colours can last from 1 to 10 washes, so makes sure you read the directions carefully so that you don't have to wear your festival hair to your office job come Monday. If you are finding that your temporary colour is lingering a little longer than expected, use an anti-dandruff shampoo to gently fade your colour -- and remember to always shampoo twice.

For dark hair, chalks are amazing as they contrast, and 'pop', so well. Use the chalk to create an ombre look, or experiment with scattered highlights throughout your ends. Beachy waves look great with this style of temporary colour. The ease of chalk will allow you to play with multiple colours and give you the ability to brush it out instantly if it's not quite what you're looking for, allowing you to have multiple goes at getting your desired look. Hair chalk is also great for allowing dark-haired beauties to give pastel hair a go, without having to hit the bleach -- meaning you can try the next crazy hair trend, without the damage. For longevity, run your freshly chalked hair through a straightener to lock in your colour.

Liquid chalks are also a great alternative, that makes creating your perfect look easy to do at home. Why not try a turquoise shade to complement dark roots? Or go all-out and opt for the brightest shade possible, considering you'll be able to wash it out and get back to your roots in no time -- pun intended.

The art of hair stencilling

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A mixture of hair stencilling and using only 'toddler's tools', Symon May played more creatively when colouring this hair.

Stencilling is relatively new on the scene and is one of the more daring temporary hair trends we've seen for a while. The process involves placing a stencil over your hair and using a spray, or chalk, colour to fill in the stencil. Janine Ker, an Insta-famous artist and hairstylist, has a feed filled with enviable stencil styles that helped bring this trend to life and has encouraged many to get creative, with anything from abstract to floral designs. Whilst you may not have 'artist' in your Instagram bio, the best part of this trend is that all it takes is a good eye to pick out -- or make -- a great stencil design, and the ability to colour within the lines.

Hair stencilling lets you create a work of art that expresses yourself, and your desired look. It allows you to play with colour, shapes, layers, and textures to build your own style. The possibilities and the intensity are really up to you. You can creatively cover regrowth, temporarily use your hair as the canvas for a bright work of art, and, of course, get those Insta-worthy pictures to share your creative new designs.  

If you're after something a little more subtle, you can apply a pastel shade to light hair, or a deeper shade to dark hair, for a more modest pattern, that will still be sure to turn heads. The best thing about this trend is that you can change the pattern day to day should you wish, to reflect your style, and your outfit.

If you're inspired to mix it up, and take the plunge with a daring colour or stencil design, but are in need of a bit of extra advice in regards to products and methods, don't hesitate to get in touch with us, or book an appointment with one of our amazing stylists to help you achieve your perfect look.

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