Taming tiger eye : the wild hair trend that's set to pounce this season

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Taming tiger eye : the wild hair trend that's set to pounce this season

22 Feb 2017

Is it time for balayage to take a backseat, as tiger eye colouring is on the up and roaring into the colour top spot for your next salon trip? The popularity of tiger's eye colour is growing and with spring approaching it's the ultimate lift for brightening your hair and warming up your complexion. With celebrities and bloggers going wild for tiger eye hair, we've got all the info you'll need to know to achieve this beautiful colour trend.

What is the tiger eye trend?

Tiger eye colouring is nothing to do with the jungle cat but actually, relates to the semi-precious rock.

The tiger eye stone pattern is distinct with stripes of bronze, gold and dark brown. Without exactly replicating the strong lines of differentiating colour, this trend emulates the tiger eye colours applying a softer hand technique.

It's essentially a reboot of using the balayage technique with a new palette of colours. You'll be looking at mixing up your existing shade with caramel, honey, mocha, toffee, hazel browns, and bronze tones. When speaking to your stylist, you'll need to discuss how warm you want to go and how the trend will work for you.

Look to Jennifer Lopez and Jessica Alba who have been early trendsetters. The pair showcase how the tiger eye colouring rejuvenates their golden and olive complexions flawlessly. Those with pale skin can also feel the glow from this trend as its highlights can assist in brightening any skin tone and complexion. Lighter skinned ladies, Miranda Kerr and Kate Beckinsale, have both gone for tiger eye to compliment their long curls, and Instagram is awash those trying out the tiger eye trend with help from their stylists.  

Tailor the trend to you

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Luckily because the colour technique is bespoke, it can be tailored to suit your skin tone and hair type. If a brighter bronze result isn't for you, ask for more caramel highlights with a warm brown to help deepen the tones of colour. The tiger eye colouring gives those with naturally dark hair the effect of depth and the illusion of thickness with its highlights.

This is a strong trend for brunettes, but it's not mutually exclusive to this colour group. Those with blonde and red hair, speak to your stylist about ways to adopt this trend by enhancing your colours. This could involve painting lowlights through your blonde to deepen your base, or perhaps some caramel to add dimension to your auburn shade.

The beauty of the tiger eye colour trend is that your stylist will be able to adapt the look to suit any length of hair. Whether you rock a bob or have hair that falls past your shoulders, the bespoke placement of colour and amount can be perfected for your individual style.

The tiger's eye trend works really well with naturally curly hair adding multi-tonal dimension and if you have fine hair, the colour placement reflects light and gives the illusion of volume. Also, it's ideal for those low maintenance ladies as you can go up to six months between colour services; although it's important to keep up those regular trims and make sure your haircare routine is maintained for healthy looking hair. Make sure you use a colour care shampoo and conditioner and always remember heat protectant spray when styling with straightening irons and tongs.

Complete your look

With the ongoing beauty trend of dewy natural makeup, the tiger's eye trend is this season's answer to the low maintenance but put-together look. With spring on the horizon, it's time to warm up your hair to kick start the upcoming season. Take some inspiration from the Ellie Saab catwalk and match this look with a simple makeup look: a nude or slight blush lip combined with bronze smokey eyes and the much-loved simple winged eyeliner, is not only chic but a really simple look to wear--perfect for the office! Due to the soft finish of this hair colour, and how great it looks worn in tumbling relaxed waves, the no-makeup makeup look works incredibly well. For fashion, forget fussy details and stick to simple shirts mixed with textures such as corduroy and leather.

Make sure you talk to your stylist about the finished result you are looking for and the level of maintenance you can devote to your new locks. It's best to leave this to the salon professionals who will be able to transform and tame the tiger eye colour to leave you with a personalised on trend finish. The semi-precious stone is said to bring confidence and protection to the wearer, so let us know if the hair trend does the same for you! For more hair-spiration, take a look around our blog.

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