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I think we are all a bit guilty of this. Letting our make-up bag go out of date, clumpy mascara and stubby lip pencils. We buy and buy, and try and try, and that blue eyeshadow purchased and never wore, still sits there! We have some tips and tricks on how to look after your make up bag. The benefits are obvious. More space in your bathroom, and better skin.

Cleaning your make up brushes

Time consuming, yes. Necessary, YES! You've probably invested a lot of money in building your collection, so invest a bit of time to extend their life.

Why do we do it? Think of it this way: If you haven't washed your make up brushed in 6 months, thats six months of make up sitting there, gathering bacteria! You wouldn't wear clothes for 6 months without washing, yet you are happy to smear it on your face. Here's how to wash your brushes effectively. You can invest in a special make up washer, or you can go the home D.I.Y. way. Either or, clean is clean!

What to use:

For "not too dirty" make up brushes:

Use Soap for sensitive skin- Wet your brush with water that is not too hot, or not too cold. Swirl the brush on the bar and lather.You can rub against the side of the sink to see how much make up is left. Gently rub, rinse and repeat until the water runs clear.

For "caked" brushes:

Use Olive oil on a tissue and rub. This is especially good for gel liner brushes, that can be very hard to clean. Afterwards, clean as above.

Leave to air dry for 6 hours or so.

How long should I keep my Make up for?

Make up, like most things, has an expiration date.


Foundation should be thrown out after 6 months. If you are suffering from random breakouts, and use an exposed foundation, perhaps consider tossing it sooner.


Keep it for six months maximum. Every time you open it, you are letting air into it and bacteria grows


This has the most longevity in the make up bag and can last for up to two years

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