Tame your winter hair with creative accessories

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Tame your winter hair with creative accessories

14 Jan 2016

Image credit: Editorial credit: Jacob Lund / Shutterstock.com

Winter can be cruel to hair. Harsh winds and driving rain not only affects the condition of your tresses, but also makes styling them tough. Going from cold conditions into the warm causes static and frizz, whilst windy weather threatens to tangle and break fragile hair. Luckily, there is one hair hero ready to battle winter hair horrors: accessories.

Pony perfection

Editorial credit: Ukki Studio / Shutterstock.com
Image credit: Editorial credit: Ukki Studio / Shutterstock.com

If you are looking for a weatherproof updo with a bit of drama, then it's worth trying out a show-stopping Prada pony. Accessorised with glittering pins and slides, this style will keep your hair looking perfect come wind, rain, or storm Frank! This style is easy to recreate, too: smooth your hair into a high ponytail, using a little pomade to calm frizz and flyaways. Spray some hairspray directly onto your hands and glide down the length of the ponytail, to avoid the style looking to 'set' but still give some hold. Backcomb the underside of the ponytail, and then flip, pinning slightly to the side of the head. Raid your jewellery box for sparkling brooches to add a touch of glamour whilst covering hair grips. This style is great for long haired ladies, who want a sophisticated solution to keep hair out of their face.

Hello hair ties

Editorial credit: Indigo Photo Club / Shutterstock.com
Image credit: Editorial credit: Indigo Photo Club / Shutterstock.com

Use the humble hair tie to eye-catching effect, and create a catwalk inspired style. Place bands down the lengths of your ponytail, to give a futuristic feel, as seen on Valentino's SS/16 catwalk. Adding multiple bands will keep hair in place and avoids detangling at the end of the day.

And, as if this easy style wasn't already fabulous enough, you'll also be left with perfect beachy waves -- the ultimate day to night transformation. Avoid styling with heat for at least a couple of days afterward, to keep hair looking healthy and strong.

Pristine plaiting

Editorial credit: conrado / Shutterstock.com
Image credit: Editorial credit: conrado / Shutterstock.com

Plaiting is the perfect way to tame your tresses. Spray some leave-in conditioner onto your dry hair prior to plaiting. Not only will it help keep hair in place, but it will help replenish locks battered by cold temperatures. Finish plaited styles with velvet bows at the ends for a luxe twist on a classic look. If you want to up your accessory count, thread small rose gold hoops into plaits as you work down hair, adding a hint of subtle sparkle. Those with thinner hair, left a bit lank by the weather, 'pancake' your plaits to give them an extra boost. Pulling gently on either side of a Dutch braid will help plump your plait -- it's also a great root coverage trick if you are waiting until payday for your next salon trip.

Be hat hair happy

Diana Indiana
Image credit: Diana Indiana

Hat hair no longer has to be a winter woe. Take inspiration from January Jones and Taylor Swift and grab a fedora. This style staple is the perfect bad hair day cover up, as it not only looks great, but also protects hair from damage and keeps your locks in place. Before popping on your hat, spritz the top of hair with dry shampoo to help combat any flatness. Look for deep red and gorgeous green tones, to add a pop of colour to your outfit.

The big band

Jacob Lund
Image credit: Jacob Lund

A thick band worn on your head keeps the hair in place, and is effortlessly chic. Scarves work well for a glamorous look. For those with are always on the go, use elasticated headbands which have strong staying power. Go for a 60's inspired finish with volume at the crown and loose curls worn in a half ponytail. Use some serum to help keep the ends of your hair in top condition to battle the elements. Hair bands are not just handy for longer and medium haired ladies. For shorter styles, try using thicker pieces of fabric for a take on the turban -- injecting a hint of exotic style into your winter look.

A gripping look

Kirby grips can do more than just hold your hair in place: they can be a statement accessory. Wear contrasting grips to your hair colour, and arrange in chevron patterns and triangles, to transform this everyday hair helper into something a little more stylish. Keep it simple, or go dramatic as seen on the Dior catwalks. The perfect way to keep unruly hair in place!

Floral fancies

The senorita style, sported by Dolce & Gabbana's SS/16 model's, is a great look for anyone attending winter weddings, whether you are a guest or the bride! A few blooming accessories will not only help to hide any of your hair harrowings, but also keep your style set in place.

Adding a couple of large flowers will take a plain chignon to another level of feminine sophistication. If you have shorter hair, give the illusion of longer locks by adding a bun ring. Simply pin hair around the ring, and finish with some subtle floral accessories, to completely revamp your winter style.

Embrace the wet look

Editorial credit: Yuliya Yafimik / Shutterstock.com
Image credit: Editorial credit: Yuliya Yafimik / Shutterstock.com

If you get caught in a sudden downpour, without a hood or umbrella, fear not: the wet look is in. So embrace your rain soaked locks, and make the most of what the wet weather has given you. Add a simple silver barrette for a sleek half ponytail that will fool people into thinking you're having a good hair day, rather than winter hair horror.

Getting creative with hair accessories will not only save you from any winter hair disasters, but can transform a dull look into a style statement. If accessories are not enough, and it's a total style revamp you're looking for, our super stylists are on hand to make every day a good hair day -- so get in touch.

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