New Christmas Gift Prices For The Chapel Fragrance Collection

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We are excited to announce the new, exclusively in-salon promotions for Christmas. If you're looking to treat yourself or a loved one then perhaps have a peruse below...

The Fragrance Family

The Fragrance Family consists of:

1 x Any Candle
1 x Any Hand Cream
1 x Any Pulse Point

For £85.00

The Candle Family

The Candle Family consists of:

3 x Any Candle

For £160.00

Gifts For Pause

The Gifts For Pause consists of:

1 x Any Hand Cream

1 x Any Pulse Point

For £28.00

All bundles will be gift-wrapped in-salon and will provide a message card to accompany.

*Prices shown are available from 1st November 2017 to 23rd December 2017, in-salon only. Please feel free to send us any queries or call ahead with orders so we can wrap in advance or for online orders contact

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