The Chapel London's interior evolves

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The Chapel London's interior evolves

17 Aug 2017

Image credit: The Chapel, London

Our prized Islington salon has a fresh new face. With the help of the ever talented Haydyn Cornner, we’ve repainted our prized murals as not only decoration but educational tools which represent our key values. Our new interior even grabbed the eye of Who Can Cut It, who recognised our new space as providing somewhere for guests to relax and escape.  Here’s a sneak peek of some its best bits, but if you want to check out the real deal, why not come for a visit? 

We look to make every guest feel special, adding subtle touches such as the Hollywood-style lights around our mirrors. Haydyn Cornner provided the stunning murals throughout the salon with this stand-out designed to make you take a second look and ask questions.  Our stylists can then visually demonstrate how they consider each zone, and in turn, help you to make your own choices regarding your colour.

Colour is incredibly powerful, it can even affect the way you feel and think. That’s why we consciously chose a serene, blue palette to calm the body and mind...

Our salons should be a place which invokes a feeling of warmth, happiness, and contentment. Our pastel tiled wall display gives a homely feel to a once whitewashed main room, whilst still retaining an air of contemporary design —a true feeling of zen. 

Yet another masterpiece from Haydyn. Here we looked to represent different views of beauty in a classic heritage style, bringing an element of character to our sunlit main cutting floor. Can you work out what the unique busts represent?

Every detail counts for us, we wanted to cement our philosophy in a clever yet subtle way, giving all the opportunity to truly rest and, as our cutting gown pegs suggest; pause.

Like the look of our Islington salon? If you’re interested in what’s going on at The Chapel, and for some style inspiration, why not check out our blog or expert advice?