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Whilst some might argue that if one part of your look is bold, you should keep the rest simple, here at The Chapel we don't like to bend to trends we don't feel suit our style, and so if you'd rather go big than go home, we're right behind you! After all, when you've invested in getting and keeping your hair bold and bright, what's the point in playing it safe with your makeup? Instead, opt for makeup looks that compliment the hair you get complimented on!

If, like us, your hair is just one part of your amazing style, it'd be silly not to go for makeup looks that are also a reflection of that same, strong personality. If you're keen to test out some new makeup looks to work with your envy-inspiring hair, we've got a few looks for you to try out.

If you've got red hair...

We'll always have a soft spot for red hair. Whether you're a fire engine red or a warm auburn, matching your red locks with bright red lips will always be a showstopper. Think 'Jessica Rabbit', and go for a defined red pout and winged out liner that will make you feel at least 50% sassier, and 100% ready to take on the day or night.  Use gel eyeliner with an angled brush to get a precise wing: start off thin and build it up as you go to get both eyes even.

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Substitute the red for a bold fuchsia for a fun take on this look to take it from sultry to playful, but no less striking. The key to both looks is crisp lines, so use a matching lip liner to avoid bleeding, and define the edges using a tiny bit of concealer on an angled brush.

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If your go-to look usually relies on flicked liner, change things up with a metallic smoky eye to create a more dramatic, 'vampy' look. Whether you're going with bronze or silver, deepen the shade in the crease, and wing out the shadow to create the illusion of bigger, more 'awake' eyes. Who wouldn't want that?

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If you've got teal hair...

Kylie Kardashian has inspired many to dabble in a bit of teal dip dye, and it's one of our favourite shades at the moment. If you're a 90's girl at heart, go for a brown shade of lipstick with a winged out liner. Stick to a matte shade of lipstick to keep it modern, and go heavy on the lashes and brows to define your features.

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If your lashes are lacking in volume, apply some false lashes. Make sure you measure them against your eyelids, cut them to size, and allow the glue to get tacky before applying to get a good fit that will last all night, and, most importantly, feel natural. Your grandma may not understand this look, but if it's cool enough for Kylie, then it's cool enough for us!

If your tattoo-choker-wearing, spaghetti-strapped camisole days are behind you, go for a ombre deep red, or a bright red lip and highlighted skin to create a more sophisticated look that can really be dressed up. To achieve an ombre lip, find a dark and light lipstick shade of your choice. Use the darker shade on the outline of your lips, and then fill them in. Dab the lighter shade on the middle inner sections, and then blend out. For a natural, lit-from-within glow, focus your highlighter on your cheekbones, temples, and your cupid's bow.

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If you've got pastel hair...

Pretty pastels are still going strong with many hair brands releasing permanent, semi-permanent, and temporary candy shades. It may now be easier to get pastel locks, but finding makeup looks to match can be a harder task.

Contrast your candy coloured locks with a daring black lip to make you feel, and look unstoppable. Pair the bold lip with a soft smoky eye and defined cheekbones for high impact. Always remember to exfoliate and prime your lips before applying dark lip shades, as they tend to cling to dead and dry skin patches on your lips.

If a black lip reminds you too much of your teen years, when the boys you had crushes on spent more time perfecting their straightened side fringes than you did, then go for a liquid liner of a similar shade to your hair, or a more opaque lipstick version of your hair colour for a playful look.

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Bright lipsticks work best over a blank canvas, so use the remaining foundation on your brush to blot over your lips to cancel out some of the natural colour of your lips, and ensure your lipstick comes out true to colour.

If all else fails and you're struggling to create a makeup look to enhance your hair colour, simply match your lipstick to your hair colour, or go for it's exact opposite. Now you can finally put the colour wheel knowledge that was burned into your brain from your high school art classes to good use!

Ready to take the plunge and find the perfect, punchy colour for you? Learn more about bold hair colour, or find your nearest salon and chat to one of our seasoned stylists

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