Dark lips, bright eyes: colours and cuts for dark-lipstick lovers

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Dark lips, bright eyes: colours and cuts for dark-lipstick lovers

16 Nov 2015

One of the few fashion benefits of the winter months taking hold is the excuse to try out a new style. Here at The Chapel, we are excited to bring back dark lips, with a strong look to match. A striking dark lip can take your winter look to another level; giving a simple outfit or ordinary hairstyle a whole new edge. But how do you make sure that your dark lip combo is more glamorous than gothic? Below are our look suggestions: cuts and colours to flatter whatever dark shade you dare to wear this winter.

Dark red lipstick

Alex Mozz
Image credit: Alex Mozz

One of our favourite hair and makeup pairings is dark red lips with fiery red hair. Style your hair with deep, brushed out waves for a high impact, sexy look. Think 'real life Jessica Rabbit', without the purple eyeshadow. This is one for ladies with mid to long hair --guaranteeing perfect cascading waves and maximum volume. Keep the rest of your makeup simple with flicked liner and heavy lashing of mascara, to really play on that 'pin up' look. It's a classic combination that will never fail to get some attention.

Brown lipstick

One bird
Image credit: One bird

Brown lipstick is a very recent addition to our personal makeup collections. This shade screams 90s chic and can be hard to pull off. But with most cosmetics brands now stocking some super wearable nude and red brown tones, it may be time to swap out some of your old shades. To keep the look modern, stick to a matte formulas which are long-wearing, and require less maintenance.

To keep the focus on your brown lips, pair with a sleek, side-parted pony. Pull back the hair high onto the head, smoothing the sides with serum to give a polished finish. Mousey brown and auburn shades are the perfect colour options for this bold look --  warm, but not detracting from your lips' impact. Keep eye makeup minimal, with a few lashings of mascara, and your base dewy for that quintessential '90s it girl' look.

Black lipstick

Subbotina Anna
Image credit: Subbotina Anna

If you're feeling super rebellious, take beauty cues from Moschino's Cheap and Chic show at this year's LFW, and opt for a glossy black lip.  Be warned, this look does take a lot of commitment and confidence. Although your black lip will do most of the talking , adding a bit of glitter to the outer eye will take the edge off this stark look.

Despite darker hair shades tending to work better with black lipstick as there is less contrast, opting for a brave platinum blonde is a sure fire way to get noticed. In terms of styling, grunge-inspired side plaits or a bohemian head wrap will keep your tresses tidy, and stop them distracting from your black lips.  

Purple lipstick

Image credit: korabkova / Shutterstock.com

Purple lips are perhaps the most wearable of the dark shades dominating our makeup shelves. For a truly magical look, make your face glow with illuminating products on the cheek bones, middle of the nose, and on the brow bone.

Take some inspiration from the always-stylish Poppy Delevingne, and pair your purple lips with centre-parted light locks. Keep your styling simple, and flick satin straightened hair behind your ears for a delicate elfin look.

How to keep your lips devilishly dark

Vladimir Gjorgiev
Image credit: Vladimir Gjorgiev


Always line your lips with a shade as close to your lipstick as possible. If you don't have a liner, use a liner brush, and dip it into your lipstick. It will still help create a barrier so that your lipstick doesn't bleed, helping with the longevity of the colour. Some cosmetics brands even have a clear lip liner specifically to avoid bleeding -- so give it a go!


Make sure your lips are moisturized before wearing dark lipstick. You want a clear canvas before applying such high impact shades, as dark lipsticks tend to get in creases of your lips, and dry patchy if your lips aren't moisturized first. Use either moisturizing lip balm or specialist lip primer which many cosmetic brands now offer.


If you feel the need to reapply, you're best off completely removing it and starting again. Dark lipsticks can start to look 'cakey' if they are layered. Starting afresh will avoid colour build up, and keep your lips feeling smooth.

Matte formulas

Matte formulas are going to give you the most longevity and the least bleeding, so they're  a no brainer with dark lip shades. They give a unique look that is much more wearable in the long term. No-one wants to be reapplying all day!

Getting a crisp line

We don't all have the steady hands of a makeup artist, so if you do make a slip, or your outline isn't perfectly crisp, use a wand concealer to create definition.

If this has inspired you to change things up for the cooler months, book an appointment with one of our amazing stylists at The Chapel, and invest in some dark lipsticks to complete your look. Winter has never looked so good!

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