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Short hairstyles for girls with curls

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You're not alone if you've steered clear from going for the chop because of your crazy curls. But with the amount of products and tools available these days, you shouldn't be scared to take the plunge and try something different.

A good hairdresser will not only trim your tresses into a style that suits your natural hair, but will also give you tips on how to style your hair to get the most out of it, so book in a consultation with one of our amazing hairdressers and with the help of this guide, choose a style to change things up.

Whether you're thinking pixie short or the forever-trendy 'lob', the key to embracing your curls is cutting layers into your style. Natural curls can overwhelm a style and look bulky if your hair is all one length, particularly with concave and pixie styles, so committing to a short style will definitely require regular appointments to maintain your layers to ensure your style always looks its best.

Best short styles for curly hair


This style has maximum impact but can be limiting in terms of styling options. For curly hair, cutting to this style relies on getting the right length to make the most out of your natural curl, so be sure to get an expert opinion on what's best for you to ensure that your new cut compliments the shape of your natural curl. Your natural curls will add the texture to this style that straight haired girls won't be able to get with such short tresses, so lucky you!


Concave bob

The concave cut will eliminate the bulkiness of the curls at the back, and the longer front section will give you more options with styling.

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The extra length will allow you to get a curling tong through it, put it in a half-up, half-down style, or even to braid it. This style also looks super sleek and sophisticated when straightened; think Victoria Beckham circa 2007.


If it's your first time going short this is probably the best style to go for. To put it simply, it's the 'Rachel' style of short hair. This style requires no layers, and is just long enough to give you the freedom to style it nearly any way that you could with longer hair. If your hair leans more to the wavy side, this is a perfect cut for you, especially for summer as it looks effortless and beachy.

This is also a good length for experimenting with highlights and colour. Ombre is still insanely popular and is an easy colour option for lob hairstyles. It's long enough that you'll be able to get nice and light ends that are evenly blended through the middle lengths, and the upkeep is minimal.

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Products to help tame your curls

Leave-in conditioner

Whether you're going to embrace your natural curls or straighten out your short style, a leave-in conditioner will manage your frizz and help hold your style for longer. It'll help define your curls whilst keeping them soft and fresh.

Argan Oil

This stuff will be your best friend whether your hair is wet, dry, natural, or straightened. Use it throughout the day to add shine to your ends or tame flyways, and run it through your hair when it's wet to detangle and decrease drying time. Seriously, if you don't have Argan oil already, you need it in your life.

Sea salt spray

Sea salt spray will reshape your curls and give you that 'I've been at the beach all day and definitely not at work' look without having to get into a swimsuit.

Curl-enhancing mousse

If you've got some seriously out-of-control curls, curl-enhancing mousse will control the frizz, and give you a consistent manageable curl without the crunch of regular mousse.


Cutting your hair doesn't mean committing to wearing your hair the same way all of the time. Invest in a high quality straightener so you can change things up, and easily go from effortless curls to straight and sleek. Another bonus, it'll probably take you half the time to straighten it than it did before the big chop.

Don't be shy to ask our amazing hairdressers for specific products to help you get the most out of your new short style, and remember that hair grows back, so even if it turns out a little shorter than intended, it's nothing to stress about. Change is always good!

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