Striving for texture? Learn our stylists' savvy top tips

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Striving for texture? Learn our stylists' savvy top tips

08 Jun 2016

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Textured hair is the ultimate in casual styling. It exudes a carefree attitude, and only looks better as the day goes on. Styled well it is the perfect style to combat blustery weather that will try to destroy your look. The 'woke up like this' style can be achieved by those who have long or short hair. Whether you have thicker or thin tresses, any hair type is able to get the look, as there are so many ways to texturise your tresses. If you find your ends often end up falling flat, adding texture will help cheat the look of fuller hair. This can be achieved through clever styling, and a great cut.

Cutting it short

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Shorter styles with longer lengths look amazing worn in textured quiffs and twists, instantly adding a whole new dimension to your style. Shorter styles can benefit from a stylist point cutting ends, to encourage natural texture. This will help break up layered ends and soften your look, which in turn can result in a textured natural finish. Add some mousse to damp hair, and roughly blow dry to really show off the cut.

Simple techniques

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Avoid using straighteners in the conventional sense, instead change the way you use the tool to add interest to your style. By twisting the straightening iron at angles on different sized sections of hair you'll achieve a great boho beachy look. Twist 90 degrees with your wrist, alternating direction. Take different size sections to give a more undone feel. Finish with some serum on the ends to avoid a frazzled look, and add shine spray to give your textured hair a little polish.

Ladies with curls can add some oomph by trying out the diffuser attachment on your hairdryer, to not only add volume but boost the natural root. A small barrel tong can define tighter ringlets, and give an almost afro texture that looks fantastic when worn in varying colours. Adding some texturising dust to the roots by lifting sections of hair, and lightly sprinkling along the root line will give hold.

Fierce fringes

Phil Stafford
Image credit: Phil Stafford

Fringes work particularly well with a textured style. A parted, slightly outgrown fringe will ramp up the sexy textured style, that takes inspiration from the 60's. Use a round brush to blow dry your fringe up and out from the face, holding in place with some flexible hold hairspray. The key to perfect textured hair is to look like it's not been fussed too much, and still retains a natural, soft touch. You want to avoid a uniform look, so when using tongs to change direction, curl some pieces towards your face and some away. Using this technique will instantly give you a much more carefree, casual style.

Perfect products

Use products to get the look, building them to tailor the level of texture you want. Try a sea salt spray to give a matt texture, twisting hair around your fingers whilst blowdrying. This will help create a soft wave in hair. Resist the urge to brush hair through as this can create frizz, use your fingers instead to rake through hair, rubbing different sized pieces between your fingers to create definition.

There are texturising sprays available that are specially developed for flatter styles, and can give your roots the boost they need to showcase a layered cut perfectly.  These are often buildable, meaning you can lightly spray, working through hair and then decide if you need more. Texturising sprays can define curls, and are a great way to change a short style from day to evening. Look out for wax sprays, which can be easier to apply than the regular tins of texturising putty. Holding 15cm away and spritzing over in a light mist, work with your fingers to sweep your hair.

Dry Shampoo isn't just for days when you want to have an extra five minutes snooze. It's also an easy to use and good value product that will add texture to freshly washed hair. Clean hair that has been conditioned can sometimes feel too soft to texturise. It's good to skip a day or two to encourage natural hair oils to build that can enhance your hair's natural texture, it also tends to hold a curl better!

Styling hair with texturising products can sometimes leave it feeling dry and looking a little dull. Make sure you treat your locks to a moisturising treatment and cleansing shampoo once a week to remove any product build up and keep hair looking healthy.

Just these few simple steps can lead the the way to achieving an on trend textured look, for any length or hair type. When it comes to trying something new, sometimes we need some extra guidance. Our stylists are always on hand to help you re-discover your hair's natural texture, so get in contact.