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What To Expect: The Chapel Hairdressing

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The Chapel Hairdressers - London, photo by Adam Harvey Photography

Why did we reinvent hairdressing 22 years ago? (If you need a quick recap, click here first!)

Understanding why we do hairdressing so differently is the first port-of-call, but here we give you an idea of how we reinvented hairdressing and what to expect on a potential first visit.

It starts with a conversation over a pot of tea

Whether you’re booking an appointment or just looking for someone to properly listen and give hair advice, we always allow complimentary, dedicated time to have a relaxed conversation.

“Your hair is one of the greatest expressions of who you are, so allowing proper time and a homely setting to build trust and have a two-way conversation is revolutionary for both you and your stylist.”
- Amanda, co-founder of The Chapel

You can always pop in for a friendly look around and a complimentary conversation over a pot of tea, where together, you and your stylist explore hair options tailored to your needs.

A hairdressing experience focused on allowing you to unwind

Every detail and part of your journey in the salon has a purpose; a ‘why’ behind it. Studies have shown that we nearly all universally dislike shoulder-to-shoulder seating where our conversations can be heard halfway across the room, so all of our cutting chairs are 90 degrees from the wall, separated from other chairs; simultaneously giving you a full sense of space.

“For us, hairdressing goes far beyond just providing a service, which is why we carefully create environments that give you that homely ‘me-first’ feeling, where you can be listened to and enjoy a real pause.” - Amanda

Take a look at our London, Marlow, Sevenoaks, Horsham, Tunbridge Wells and Verbier, Switzerland pages for photos, locations, contact info and more.

Tailored hair to celebrate your individuality

Celebrating your individuality and finding the hairstyle that truly reflects you at that moment is at the core of what we believe. We throw away the societal pressures of social media expectations and red carpet forecasts and instead focus on how you want to feel and how we can find a hairstyle that’s easy to maintain with your lifestyle.

We simply charge for the time it takes. With time, freedom and creativity are on our side you’ll always receive completely tailored hair that’s been carefully considered just for you.

Ask Us A Question Or Come In For A Tour


If you have any further questions or would like to explore some hair ideas with a stylist, feel free to give us a call, drop us an email or start a live chat here.

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