Our Favourite Eco Finds Worth Sharing #2 - Who Gives A Crap Toilet Roll

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Our Favourite Eco Finds Worth Sharing #2 - Who Gives A Crap Toilet Roll

23 Jun 2022

Image credit: Who Gives A Crap Toilet Roll

If you missed our last blog piece, we’ve been inspired to share with you our favourite eco finds since we really began pushing ourselves a few years ago to reduce our impact on the environment, and to change our habits over time to spend with green-focused companies. In the last blog, we looked at the carbon, plastic and chemical-saving product ‘Earth Breeze Laundry Detergent Sheets’ which cleverly reduces all the pointless weight of transporting millions of litres of water across the globe, among many other benefits. An easy recommendation that quickly becomes obvious why we’ve enjoyed using them.

Well, in comparison, this slightly risqué-named product doesn’t immediately show how cleverly the company has actually approached such a mass consumption item we don’t give a moment’s thought to, and why we’re glad that we can support such a green initiative.

Who Gives A Crap Toilet Roll - What, How, Why?

You’ll probably have guessed straight away that the loo roll uses solely recycled paper (in this instance from used textbooks and old office supplies) to avoid unnecessary deforestation.

Well, Who Gives A Crap deserves a pat on the back(side) because they are actually the highest rated toilet paper brand on Ethical Consumer through many clever initiatives and incredibly donate 50% of their profits to help build toilets and improve sanitation in the developing world. They’ve impressively achieved carbon neutrality by using no plastic packaging (each roll is individually wrapped in paper because it weighs less than the thicker paper required to wrap 6 at a time), carbon-neutral transport and they even donate 50% of their profits to clean water and sanitation projects including WaterAid,  WaterSHED and Shining Hope for Communities. You can even reuse the individual wrappers to wrap presents with special edition wrappers which are available during holiday seasons - which isn’t something we thought was missing with traditional loo roll, but a clever idea for sure!

How Do They Compare?

As a whole, they’re still of high enough quality to pass the test but at the time of writing, we feel doesn't quite match the most expensive luxury rolls available. One redeeming factor however is that each roll is actually larger than the average roll and lasts longer without needing to be changed.

Overall, despite the marginal headroom for extra plushness, we’re passionate about spending with the companies who are prioritising the planet’s wellbeing and love that Who Gives A Crap goes beyond the product itself when they donate to water and sanitation projects.

If you have any favourite eco finds of your own and would like to share, or have feedback on our eco changes so far, please do get in touch with phil@thechapel.co.uk.

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