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Bal-ay-age- From the French word, meaning to sweep.

We've been hearing alot about Balayage the last few years. What is it? Why would I want it? Isn't it just a dip dye? Dip Dyes crashed on to the scene, but Balayage had actually been around for a long time. The technique is perfect for all hair types and the benefits are clear. Low maintenence and it makes your hair look thicker. Not to mention the lighter locks lower down tend to give you an "I've been to the beach" vibe. Whats not to like?

Our In house colour expert Billie Crago from our Islington salon has been RAVING about balayage, for its ease of wear and suitability for as long as I've known her. She recommends it to so many guests, Blonds, brunettes, mid lengths and long. She describes it as being like a facelift!

"It gives a low effort, high style impression, all the celebs are doing it in one way or other. For those of us not blessed with thick hair, it can help make it look thicker and more textured. Its perfect for those who don't want roots.My guests who have changed to balayage are the busy Mums, and those growing their hair that don't want to be in and out of the salon every 6 weeks."

Whats the difference between ombre or dip dying, and balayage?

"Balayage is a very visual technique that is tailored to the person. Depending on the depth of colour, how much they want. Ombre is a more straight forward technique that makes it look like your colour has "grown out".

We asked her who what is a perfect example of it?

"There are sooo many. Here's a few of my favorites"

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