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What's the buzz behind the rainbow carving trend?

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Back in 2016, the pussy cat undercut went viral, swiftly followed by festival-ready glitter undercuts earlier this year.  Just when you thought all variations of the undercut had been exhausted, 2017 brings us rainbow carving. This next level buzz cut combines shaving patterns with bespoke colouring to create a 3D work of art where you'd normally just have hair.

The buzz cut, in general, is making a comeback with stars such Amber Rose, Kristen Stewart, Cara Delevingne, and Katy Perry currently sporting the statement haircut. The power of social media-influenced hair trends surely means that this summer may well become the summer of buzz.

Carving patterns into shaved hair is nothing new at old-school barber shops. You can probably remember the Nike Swoosh from the 90s. Rainbow carving showcases how this skill has stepped into the more mainstream female-dominated hair salons. Insta-famous hairdressers are definitely encouraging more and more people to have more fun with their hair by demonstrating what is possible, beyond the world of highlights and a trim.

The undercut uncovered

Whether you're rainbow carving your entire head, or just a smaller undercut panel, the process may well take a little longer than you anticipate. The shaved design may be created using a variety of tools, from scissors, clippers, and razors. The pattern might be sketched on first with chalk, or may be created freehand. This can get quite intricate and can take anything from 10-60 minutes depending on your chosen design.

Once the design has been shaved in, the colouring can start. As the hair is so new, and will soon be shaved off again, you can afford to get a little bold and bright here! The hair will be bleached first, and then each element hand painted separately to create the finished design.

If you already have a pixie cut or buzz cut, this may well be what you've been looking for. This trend grants you the opportunity to do something unique and fun with your style.  If you've got longer hair, you can opt for a sneakily hidden undercut. The undercut could be at the nape of your neck, over one ear, or all the way around from ear-to-ear. The nape of your neck is easier to hide if you're worried about rocking it full time as once your hair is down, it's your secret.

Colour care

Vivid colours like these are unfortunately not permanent, but there are several things that you can do to extend their life beyond a few washes. Washing your hair with cooler water is key as hot water fades these tones much faster. Use a sulphate free shampoo, as sulphates strip hair colour too. Washing your hair less may seem obvious but this is often forgotten. Most of us are guilty of cleaning our locks far too often and results in over-stimulating our oil glands, meaning hair becomes greasy and you have to wash it even more.

This vicious cycle is worth breaking, particularly during the summer months. Also, ensure to protect your colour from the sun as it will certainly fade your colour as well, as will chlorine in a pool. You could also consider asking your stylist to use slightly bolder shades so that you get to enjoy them for a longer time period of time, rather than a pastel tone which is likely to fade away more swiftly.

Can I pull it off?

Of course you can. Traditional fears about face shape or hair type don't really apply here. It's the type of hairstyle that  can suit anyone if you really go for it -- it's all about the attitude! But, you may just want to consider what colour palettes you tend to feel more confident in and stick to those. That way you'll know that your clothing won't clash with your newly coloured hair.

Come along to our colour workshop at The Chapel. This is the best way to try out this new style with zero commitment. A variety of quality wigs, combined with the expert advice on hand by our super stylists will allow you to experiment and see if the rainbow carve trend is for you. So get in touch with one of our team to come in and experience The Chapel.

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