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“Making you the best version of yourself”. Not only is this stylist Kylie Willas’ social media bio, but it’s an ethos she lives by in her hairdressing too! After a brief period at Tunbridge Wells, the bright and bubbly hairdresser is now a permanent resident at out Horsham salon, ready to bring her creativity and vibrancy to every guest that sits in her chair. We wanted to get to know Kylie a little better, so we sat down with her to find out some more!

Why don’t you start off by explaining how you got into hairdressing?

“I kind of ‘fell into’ hairdressing so to speak. It wasn’t something I realised I really wanted to do until it happened. I started out when I was 17, not long after I had left school, and I completed an apprenticeship in Horsham. It's quite funny that I’ve ended up back in Horsham at The Chapel, as it feels like I’m back where it all started, but with a fresh perspective.”

How did you find yourself working at The Chapel?

“It’s quite a funny story actually. Originally, I wasn’t looking for a job. It was my friend who had actually applied for a job at The Chapel, but after being offered a position, she decided that hairdressing just wasn’t for her. So they asked if she knew anybody else who would be up for the task, and immediately she thought of me. As soon as the opportunity came along, and I heard about the way they worked at The Chapel, I just knew it was something I had to be a part of. So naturally I snapped it up, and here I am! I find a lot of random things happen to me, but it's all about give and take. You get back what you give out.”

What’s something unique about The Chapel that people might not know?

“Something that someone on the outside may not know is that, at The Chapel, you get so much more out of your experience. Because stylists get more time with their guests, its an overall really positive experience for everyone, which means that the overall quality of your service will be like nowhere else.".

How would you help a guest who didn't know what they wanted to do with their hair?

“Well, with any hair experience, visual aids are always the best form of inspiration. If someone really doesn’t know what they want, then it's best to work backwards. Instead, work out what it is that they don’t want. From here you can have a more in-depth conversation about what would work best for them using images as a guide. This really helps to start a guest off on their hair journey, helping them to set goals about what they want their hair to look like, and what kinds of styles they want to achieve.”

Are there any recent hairdressing trends that you’ve been enjoying?

“On a personal level, I tend to stay away from the trends. That’s not to say that trends are bad, or that I dislike them, but really I like to go by what people like and how they want to feel about their hair. Instead, I draw inspiration from people. I think you make your own trends. Rather than looking at what other people are doing, I look at the person within. Sometimes, taking a trend from a magazine or the catwalk and copying it onto a guest can feel a bit manufactured. The whole idea behind The Chapel is giving people time, so why not take the time to develop your own personal style?”

What’s one piece of hair advice you give to all of your guests?

“Hair is all about transformation. So when a guest is thinking of having a big change, that’s great, but I always tell them to work with what they have naturally, rather than working against it. Instead of battling your hair, work in harmony with it, because if you work with what you’ve got, you’re setting yourself up to win. If you have a busy schedule, don’t opt for something that requires constant maintenance, because it’s not going to work with your everyday routine. By working with your hair, and your schedule, you can style it better, maintain it better and achieve a more beautiful outcome.”

To follow Kylie on her creative journey, pop in to see her at our new Horsham salon. For even more insights into the stylists behind our Chapel chairs, take a look at our blog or their individual profiles.

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