Why We Need To Start Believing That We Are Enough

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At The Chapel, we have always believed in self-love and pausing to take time for ourselves - it is at the core of our ethos.

Although summer is a time to enjoy yourself, the aftermath of not looking after ourselves properly, spending time with our family and friends constantly, and taking a break from the structured routines of our daily lives can really get to us. Our co-founder Amanda Dicker is passionate about promoting the idea of self-worth and self-love over the summer months because of her personal experience working in salons.

Amanda noticed that salons tend to be quieter over summer as naturally both women and men have plans. Parents are looking after and entertaining their children, and workers are taking trips to relax and take a break from busy schedules. Come September however, women return to the salon, often not feeling their very best selves. And these negative emotions are only intensified by women being constantly greeted with marketing messages, both subtle and blatant, that tell them that they aren’t good enough.

We want to push the message further than ever before, especially over the summer season, that we as individuals are enough. This piece will give you our thoughts and a flavour of what is to come in The Chapel over the next few months.

Stop listening to consumerism

Our generation is constantly targeted with messages suggesting we aren’t good enough: “15 ways to lose weight fast!” “The secrets to younger skin!” “How to finally get rid of your eyebags”. Old or young, there is truly no escaping consumerism. Especially now, with the influx of social media, women and men are being told that they need to purchase endless products to reach unrealistic standards of perfection. And the more we hear and see it, the more we start to believe it. The problem is, if we don’t love ourselves, how can we expect to love others and fully embrace life for what it is outside of these constraints?

The evolution of social media has impacted the lives of people in many different ways, and while this can be a good thing in regards to issues such as body positivity and finding your niche in the world, it has also become quite a big contributing factor to the way in which we see and compare ourselves to others constantly.

Everywhere we look on social media, we are presented with photoshopped images, perfect bodies and flawless faces. Brands have begun to take advantage of society’s obsession with perfection, and are using this obsession to sell products; products that, a lot of the time, aren’t necessary. We can’t look on social media platforms like Instagram and Twitter without seeing exceptionally beautiful women selling ‘Fit Tummy Teas’, unregulated electronic teeth whiteners, or rib-crushing training corsets.

Brands have co-opted our obsession with having the perfect body, and are using it to sell us things that we don’t need. They have a knack for tapping into our insecurities and turning it into profit; which then exacerbates and intensifies our sense of low worth.

Treat yourself like a good friend

“You look a mess today!” “Wow, you’ve put on weight.” “Are you really wearing that?”

These are sentences we would never say to our friends, so why do we say these things to ourselves? In order to combat these negative messages, we need to treat ourselves with kindness and love. We need to remember that it is impossible to keep up with every trend, so we should stop trying, and instead work to embrace who we really are and appreciate our individuality.

We chatted to Nerd About Town Content Creator, Stephanie Yeboah. Stephanie is an advocate for body positivity and uses social media to empower other women to embrace who they are. Stephanie shared her thoughts on believing we are enough in our society:

“You can look in the mirror at any given moment and find hundreds of flaws. You can close your eyes and dream of all the ways you could be better, prettier, stronger, more attractive. Or you could simply smile and acknowledge the fact that you are always a work in progress. Self-love is about loving your mess. It’s about seeing yourself as you are—a little confusing, a little crazy, a little lacking in some areas—but a self you are proud of, nonetheless.”

Embracing you

For these reasons and many, many more, Amanda is leading the team at The Chapel and making it their mission to encourage more women to embrace themselves as individuals and remind them that ‘you are enough’. Amanda believes that if women start telling themselves that they are enough, it can make their lives brighter and lighter. Not only this, this mantra can encourage those around you to take the first step in embracing themselves and believing that they are enough too.

Stay tuned to our blog, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter to see where our campaign takes us.

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