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Daniel Knight
£70/hr Stylist @ Islington

Daniel Knight

“I love the way hair cannot only transform the way you look but more importantly how you feel about yourself and the confidence booster it can become.”

From his early beginnings at Charles Worthington – where he won Best Hairdresser of the Year at just 19 years old – Daniel has been able to transform his passion for hair in outstanding results over his 20 years’ experience, bespoke to every one of his guests. His career has benefitted from being exposed to diverse styles and clients, from his year stint in Sydney, Australia, to his experiences in Mayfair and Soho in London, the great diversity of his experience has enriched his ability to truly personalise results. This varied experience is the perfect complement to his fundamental belief that hair needs to be looked at as part of an overall image and style, and not just as an element by itself.

Loving the confidence boost that can come from a hair transformation is what leads Daniel to feel so lucky about being able to spend his working days meeting new people, taking care of their hair needs and starting new ‘hair journeys’ with them. These journeys start by looking at the longevity of the haircut/colour: not just how you leave the salon, but you will look in 6, 8, 10 weeks; this is why he will spend time carefully educating you on how to maintain your look using the right products and tools. According to him, the most rewarding feeling is that after he’s been won a ‘hair journey’ with a guest and helped them through the difficult phases of growing it longer or achieving a dream colour over a few visits.

Daniel is passionate about colour: He’s a master at both helping guests tweak their look to match what seasons bring or bold overall transformations while maintaining the hair condition as a priority. He truly enjoys building lasting relationships and friendships with his guests – you will surely find yourself in a safe pair of hands with him.

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