4 hairstyles to make you feel more youthful

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4 hairstyles to make you feel more youthful

16 Jan 2020

Image credit: James French, The Chapel Hairdressers - Horsham

Hair can do amazing things for your confidence. The way you wear your hair dictates not just your own unique 'look' but also which facial features everyone will notice first. Choosing a hairstyle that suits your face and draws attention to your favourite features' can make you look and feel happier, healthier - and ten years younger (if that's your goal). There are many factors that come into what hairstyles will suit you best, face shape for example,  so we recommend viewing these styles as loose guides or to inspire a way of thinking! We always recommend a free, relaxed conversation with one of our friendly experts for the best advice possible.

Wavy bob

The wavy bob is a timeless classic, which suits both older and younger women alike. From Meg Ryan to Nicole Kidman, the wavy bob has been a stalwart of celebrity style for over a decade. The bob style is a traditional cut which would never look out of place on a mature woman, but the waviness brings a bit of extra youth and vigour into the mix. Adding a bit of extra volume to your hair lifts the features and if you opt for a messy, almost bed-head look you will appear anything but fusty. If you're not sure the wavy bob is for you, you could try just about any kind of bob - they're a timeless classic which can be cut to suit almost any face shape.

Soft bangs

Full bangs, when done right, can hide a lot of facial lines as well as being a cut that's often associated with younger girls. They're coming into fashion more among over-50s, both for their flattering shape and youthful style. Bangs work especially well if you've got a longer or oval face shape, but if you think they might be right for you then they're worth trying - just don't go for too sharp a gradient if you have a fuller face, as this might accentuate your face's roundness.

Pixie cut

There are no two ways around it: shorter hair is easier to manage and quicker to style. If you prefer to keep your hair to a tidy length, there are still haircuts out there that will make you feel ten years younger. A neat pixie cut is bang on trend this year and can be styled in about thirty seconds with a spritz of volumizer and a little gel or wax. A pixie cut is perfect if you want to stay fashionable without sacrificing convenience.

Symmetrical waves

Symmetrical waves can be used to perfectly accentuate the features of your face that you want to draw attention to. If you think it's your smile that keeps you feeling younger, ask to have the waves in your hair peak at chin-level, that way the eyes are drawn to your mouth. Symmetrical waves are a very versatile and adaptive hairstyle which can be used to suit the face they're framing, so don't be shy about working with your hairdressers to create the perfect hairstyle for you.

Looking young isn't the be-all and end-all, but feeling young and by choosing a hairstyle which excites you, you'll be able to do wonders for your self-confidence as well as bringing out your inner youth. We would love to invite you in for a free, relaxed consultation to enjoy a coffee or tea with one of our friendly team members in London, Marlow, Horsham, Sevenoaks, Tunbridge Wells or Verbier, Switzerland so please feel free to get in touch.