Bringing Your Locks Back To Life After Winter

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Bringing Your Locks Back To Life After Winter

19 Apr 2018

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Dark, damp and a bit gloomy - the first few months of the year don’t deliver in the weather department and can be really harsh on our hair. However, just because you might have experienced your fair share of the elements over the winter period, doesn’t mean your locks have to suffer. Spring is the time to rejuvenate yourself, your body, your mind and of course, your hair. So, we asked our expert Paul Larter to give us his top tips on how to bring your locks back to life after winter.

The Chapel, Tunbridge Wells
Image credit: The Chapel, Tunbridge Wells

What’s actually so bad about winter for the hair?

You might think it is just the cold which wreaks havoc with your hair, however, the extremes which we expose our locks to is more to blame. Braving the cold and rain is something which we just can’t avoid, and often, no amount of umbrellas or ‘waterproof’ hoods can truly shield our hair from this first step in frizz. After a good soaking, we then often take cover and whack up the heating or use a hair dryer to restore it back to its former style.

What you’re left with is frazzled hair with very little natural moisture. Whilst it will not do any permanent damage, it damages the top layer leaving it looking dull and flat, as well as increasing your risk of pesky dandruff. This is something Paul regularly experiences over spring in the salon. He comments, “The cold weather causes hair to lose shine and manageability. We have many guests reporting static also being a major problem this time of year.”

Paul Larter and his guest planning a hair care routine at The Chapel Tunbridge Wells
Image credit: Paul Larter and his guest planning a hair care routine at The Chapel Tunbridge Wells

Starting your journey to gorgeous locks

“We always encourage our guests to come in after winter and have a conversation about where they are headed and where they want to be on their journey.”, notes Paul. This conversation is great for your relationship with your own personal stylist but can also be a great starting point for your own plan back to complete hair health.

Your first port of call is, of course, moisture. A key way to do this is with a product plan - a structured hair care routine which will look to transform your locks over a few weeks. “ It starts right from the shampoo all the way through to the serum chosen at the end”, says Paul. His top recommendations include the Urban Moisture range by Shu Uemura “It is the ultimate in moisture and has everything needed to replenish hair after a drying winter”. In addition, he also recommends Redken All Soft Mega, which is high in moisture with added protein to strengthen and moisturise the hair.

This should also mark the start of your colour transition, preparing the hair for the natural changes that will occur with sunlight. Your stylist will be able to advise you on this, but in general, you should look to ensure that your hair is at least one shade darker than the summer shade you desire. This way, the sun can work its natural magic and bring a gorgeous glow to the hair without it over bleaching your ends.

Love and longevity

Now you’ve laid the foundation for gorgeous summer hair, half of the battle is won. Now, you just have to keep it maintained throughout the summer. “Choosing products with UV protection in can maintain condition and improve the longevity of colour.”, Paul notes “Kerastase has its specific sun range which is fantastic - it has the protection needed for the sun. It removes chlorine salt and any other deposits the hair may pick up after a day at the beach. This is also super moisturizing and I always recommend my guest to start using this a few weeks before any holiday to start to get the protecting effects underway”.

The Chapel Tunbridge Wells
Image credit: The Chapel Tunbridge Wells

Regular cuts are key

Every hairdresser will tell you the importance of making regular salon visits. However, when it comes to rescuing your winter locks in preparation for the summer sun -- regular visits are essential! Also, regular visits allow you to keep your summer colour in check. This is especially important if you visit, or plan to visit, a scorching hot holiday destination as the extra sun could make all the difference to your hair colour. Make sure to be completely open with your stylist and let them know your summer schedule so that you can work together to make sure your hair colour remains even.

Simply follow these tips and you’ll be all ready for a summer season where your hair is happy and healthy. Of course, our stylists are always happy to help you start your hair journey and welcome your questions and queries. So why not book in for a one-to-one conversation where we can help you begin rejuvenating your locks. Alternatively, explore our Expert Advice section for more knowledge from our team.