Looking for length? Top tips on promoting natural hair growth

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Looking for length? Top tips on promoting natural hair growth

19 Sep 2017

Longing for long hair is natural. It’s something many of us aspire towards or seek to make a reality in an instant. However, as we all know length takes time and patience. You may be frustrated that your hair doesn’t seem to grow past a certain point, or often breaks before it reaches the lengths that you desire. Here, we delve into the different ways you can maximise hair length with the expertise of our lead product and care specialist Paul Larter.

Are hair extensions the answer?

With so many of us wanting quick results, we often see clients coming in and asking for hair extensions. There are a variety of different hair extensions offer: from clip into hot fusion keratin bonds. They give length, add volume, and can transform your current style completely. However, whilst each has their merits and of course deliver results instantly, this often comes at the cost of your natural hair’s overall health. Applied professionally by a specialist, this needn’t be the case, but if you are not serviced by a qualified expert or try to manage your hair extensions yourself there is a high risk that you will cause some damage. If they are any heavier or fitted incorrectly they can pull on the hair follicle causing Traction Alopecia - hair loss and balding. What’s more, without the correct maintenance they can also damage the rest of your, often causing us to forget about our natural head of hair when it comes to care. Despite hair extensions often being paralleled with acrylic nails in terms of what they add to your overall look there is one fundamental difference. Whilst your nails continue to grow underneath acrylic nails, with extensions the hair is still exposed to the elements. Of course, the hair continues to grow but not so in a preserved state which promotes growth, if anything we often tend to forget to care about our natural hair.
As a result, at The Chapel, we tend to lean towards naturally promoting hair growth and expert styling to make the most of your length. Whilst, granted, this does take more time, looking after your hair to promote length will give you lusciously lengthy locks for life - not just for a matter of months.

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Image credit: Andrew Worley/unplash.com

Promoting natural growth

Whilst many of you might think that your hair is never destined for greater lengths, there is plenty you can do to change this. Our expert Paul makes it simple, “ the first thing to help when growing your hair is to keep it in the best possible condition damaged or dry hair will take much longer to grow”. This might seem obvious but damage can come in many shapes and forms and each requires a different type and amount of care.

However, there are a few general tips which can most certainly help with hair length. It may seem counterproductive, but Paul always recommends having regular trims, “most people avoid the hairdressers when they are growing their hair but this is a mistake. Removing split and dead ends will mean that the hair that follows is strong and linear - not plagued with flyaways or parts which may be susceptible to damage. The stronger and sharper the end, the better it will grow”, says Paul.

Next up is simply approaching your trusted stylist. Paul stresses the importance of cementing this relationship, “ask your stylist to create a plan of the journey you will be taking when growing your hair, this can include styling tips to help when it is becoming tricky, products to help aid the growing stages and also if you are colouring your hair subtle changes to the colour can perk up the hair when you’re in the middle of growing your hair. Having a plan in place can really help get you to your end goal.” What’s more, they can give you bespoke advice on your specific hair type. Say you have a lot of chemical damage, they might recommend a repairing treatment such as Redken’s pH bonder.

Lastly, is products. They are simply a tool in your belt when it comes to growing the hair but should not be the only part you make an effort with. So many products make promises when it comes to elongating the hair, but it is how you use them which counts. Once again, Paul recommends discussing these with your stylist to find which might suit you best, but he does have some favourites, “Kerastase have a range call 'densifique' and I have found from recommending this to my guest that it really helps when growing the hair making it feel stronger from the root and promoting new hair growth.”

All in all, promoting hair health is all about giving it the best chance possible to grow. Regular cuts, the advice of your trusted stylist and some carefully picked products are all you need to give you the results you desire. Got some more hair-related questions? Take a look around our expert advice section, where you might find the answer. Or, if not, get in touch with one of our team directly.