Buttery beige or sandy blonde? Choosing the right tone for you

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Buttery beige or sandy blonde? Choosing the right tone for you

03 Jun 2016

Choosing the right blonde shade is never easy when there are hundreds of  tones to choose from. Whether you're starting with brunette locks or you're already a blonde bombshell, there are a lot of factors to consider when choosing the right shade for you. The first step is always to get a colour consultation from an expert to tailor a blonde specifically for your skin tone and current hair colour.

Regardless of what hair colour you're starting from, maintaining the health of your hair is incredibly important. Regular treatments and trims are essential to both prepare and maintain your new blonde look.

Your complexion should also come into consideration when choosing blonde shades.  Cool skin tones work best with platinum and buttery shades, as these shades can bring out yellow tones in warmer skin. If you're skin tone is warm, golden and honey tones will compliment your skin, whilst highlights will ensure that your new shade looks natural, rather than from the bottle. So here are two trending blonde tones to try, perfect for those ladies looking to lighten up their summer look.

Buttery beige

Buttery beige and sandy shades, whilst timeless, are insanely popular at the moment, 'IT girls' and celebrities alike are parading these shades all over catwalks and Instagram feeds, inducing #hairenvy and giving us all #hairgoals.

Buttery, clean beige hair has been popping up everywhere at  the moment. Think Jennifer Lawrence just before her locks took on a silvery hue, or Taylor Swift at the Met Gala . The shade radiates shine and softness and has excellent impact on girls with cool toned, pale skin, which is why Lawrence pulls it off so flawlessly. If you're lightening your hair more than two shades, be prepared to loose a little off the length to ensure you're hair is in optum condition to take on beige. This striking tone will require quite a bit of maintenance if you go for a hair overhaul. But, trust us, the results will be worth it.

Sandy blonde

Sandier tones tend to look a lot more natural, as they work particularly well with freestyle balayage, highlights, and lowlights. Combining these techniques will ensure a multidimensional shade, that is perfect to show off in the summer. Use Blake Lively as your muse. She has been rocking sandy blonde hair to match her forever sun kissed and glowy skin all the way from her Gossip Girl days, and has played with different warms tones that blend in with her natural roots. Matching the tone to your roots will help extend the time in between salon visits: perfect for any time poor woman wanting to change to blonde.

After you've committed to your new blonde tone, book in for regular toners to keep your hair colour clean and free of unwanted brassiness or purple tones that can occur from over or under toning. Toning shampoos will also maintain your desired shade. If you're going for more platinum or cool shades, use a silver or purple shampoo regularly, or if you're on the warmer side invest in golden and glistening shampoos to maintain your colour in between salon visits.

The best part about going blonde is that you can either keep your shade the same, or play with highlights, lowlights, and toners to subtly change up your look. When you say the word 'blonde' it no longer means bottle blonde with yellow hues. You can choose from a whole multitude of tones: from the whitest of platinum to the warmest caramel. Taking your hair from winter ready to a sun kissed summer hue can be as easy as a few extra highlights. Need advice on which blonde tone is right for you? Our experts are on hand to help you achieve the perfect sunkissed blonde.

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