Everything You Need To Know: The Chapel Hairdressing

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Everything You Need To Know: The Chapel Hairdressing

06 Aug 2020

Why Reinvent Hairdressing At All?

22 years ago, after returning from traveling and working in a wine bar in Tunbridge Wells, Amanda noticed that outside of the hair salon in a relaxed environment, women would open up in several ways...

"Firstly, nearly all women shared the same dislikes in their typical hair salon experiences; confusing price systems, the lack of privacy and being passed between several people, feeling like they're on a conveyor belt."

The second way was most unexpected, happening in the wine bar where Amanda was working. One evening, while chatting with a customer about bad hair experiences over a glass of wine, she asked the woman how she 'wanted to feel' rather than how she wanted to look.  From this conversation, Amanda was able to gain important insights into who she really was as an individual, and ultimately, create the perfect style.

With these discoveries we opened our first salon. We created a separate, calm space with sofas to have a relaxed one-to-one conversation (before even going near a salon chair) which builds trust and enables an understanding to create the perfect bespoke look, all whilst relaxing in beautiful surroundings.

It starts with a conversation…Click to organise a conversation over a drink with one of our stylists for some free advice about your hair or visit our contacts page to call our salons directly or continue scrolling for Why We Charge By Time

Why Charge By Time?

Instead of strict, confusing ‘menus’ i.e‘ half-head of highlights OR Root tint OR all over tint etc.’ our team are free to unleash their creativity and work with their guest to create the best possible bespoke look, using any of the products at their disposal - all without worrying about additional costs and charges.

So how does it work? Our stylists each have an hourly rate from £50 upwards and segments of time in 15-minute increments are discussed with you before making the appointment. That way you already know exactly what the service will cost before coming through the door. We’ll only ever charge less than quoted, never more.

It starts with a conversation… Click to organise a conversation over a drink with one of our stylists for some free advice about your hair or visit our contacts page to call our salons directly or continue scrolling for more info

Where Can I Find A Chapel Salon?

We have 5 UK salons and 1 salon in mainland Europe, we always welcome you to come in, say hello and enjoy a complimentary hair conversation over a coffee. You can find our salons in:

Islington - London

Sevenoaks - Kent

Tunbridge Wells - Kent

Horsham - Sussex

Marlow - Bucks

Verbier - Switzerland

For more information about our opening hours, addresses and contact information, click here

Can I Visit The Chapel For A Tour?

We always welcome you to take a look around any of our salons, simply to say hello and see what we’re about, to meet a stylist and have a relaxed conversation about your hair or maybe to just enjoy a barista-style coffee or a glass of wine.

If you’re already booked in and haven’t been in before we encourage you to come in and meet your stylist before your first appointment so you can get to know each other, understand and plan the best hair journey for you and ensure we can tailor your appointment length perfectly.

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Find out more, make a booking or give us your thoughts and feedback, start a Live Chat here or visit our contacts page to call our salons directly.

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