How often should you get a haircut?

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How often should you get a haircut?

03 Jun 2018

There is nothing quite like that feeling when you leave the hair salon with your hair beautifully styled and finished. It makes you feel quite spectacular. Before you leave the hairdressers, the desire is to make your next appointment so that your style and great feeling are maintained. But how often should you revisit your hair salon?

No one time suits all

The general rule has always been to have a haircut at around a 6 weeks point. However, this rule is not set in stone nor does it apply to every hair type or hairstyle. In reality, how could it? Your hair and style is as unique and individual as you are. The timescale between haircuts is something you need to determine in consultation with your stylist and depends on your cut, colour and style. Here’s some advice on how to make that decision.

Is a regular haircut really that important?

On average, hair grows at an average of one centimetre per month. Therefore, if you have long hair, it might be years old. Think of all the brushing, heat styling and potential damage your hair has undergone. This impacts on the hair ends which is why a regular and timely haircut is important. When the hair is regularly trimmed, it is easier to manage and it simply looks so much better.

Likewise, short haircuts need a regular trim, not because the hair is old, but because short hairstyles can go out of shape quickly. Regular haircuts ensure the health and beauty of your hair.

Short hair

Whilst your hair might be younger, having short hair does require regular visits to the hair salon. Short hair is rarely low maintenance. Without a regular trim it can appear bulky. It needs a regular trim to reduce this weight and keep the style and shape. A haircut needs to be scheduled every 4 weeks to maintain the hairstyle at its optimum.

Medium to long hair

If you have medium to long hair, your haircut will depend on how you treat and nourish it. If you add strengthening treatments or nourishing products to your hair routine, your hair will be able to withstand the damage of hairdryers and straighteners. Then you’ll probably need to visit your hair salon every 8 weeks and you might just stretch the trip to a maximum of 12 weeks if your hair is in excellent condition.

Styles and haircuts

The style you choose can have an impact on your haircuts. Fringes need regular maintenance. A heavy over the eyebrow fringe might need a trim every 2 weeks. Whilst a soft fringe might last 3-4 weeks.

Layered haircuts need to be restyled every 4 weeks to keep their shape and structure. The longer you leave a layered hairstyle, the more untidy it looks.

However, the clean-cut and ever-popular bob cut has a longer time span. The strong lines grow out gently making a 6 weeks gap between hair salon visits entirely possible.

Consulting your hairdresser or one of our experts for free and just by looking in the mirror will help you to guide you as to when to book your haircut.