Getting creative with colour in 2018: Symon May's predictions

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Getting creative with colour in 2018: Symon May's predictions

08 Jan 2018

Image credit: Chapel Redken Playday, London

More and more, hair colour is becoming an art form - expression of style, personality and individual talent. Whilst we have seen a huge influx of new techniques come to the fore, at The Chapel we believe that colour should be bespokely tailored to you: every individual should have their own unique colour which makes them feel their most beautiful.

Our very own Symon May, expert colourist at Tunbridge Wells, is a pioneer of the colour space - last year creating his own techniques, sharing his talents with Redken’s London team and demonstrating at shows all over the country. So who better to ask what we could be seeing come into the limelight in 2018 when it comes to colour?

“This year I see colour developing in two very separate ways: we’ll be seeing a whole new wave of new techniques to create unique finishes and subtle colour which will seek to enhance natural colour”

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Following a year of creative hair colouring and brand new techniques, 2018 is only set to raise the bar on what experts can achieve. Pioneering Colour Sponging and a whole collection modelled on Annealing Metallics, Symon certainly made his mark on the colour scene in 2017. But he doesn’t see himself as the only one, “you just have to look at Xpressions Pixelling and John Spanton’s inventive dot work to see how far we’ve come with colour.”

Our guests are also becoming a lot more adventurous when it comes to their hair - allowing our colour experts to really push the boundaries. Symon agrees, “I think these fantastic works of creativity will be something you’ll be seeing more and more on the streets - it’s something more and more women are accustomed to and open to trying. ” From using non-conventional tools, new hair tech and getting creative with different palettes, we can’t wait to see what the next year of experimentation will bring.

Nurturing the natural

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On the other end of the scale is Symon’s second prediction: natural colouring. “With more and more people experimenting with colour I think a counter approach will also build momentum. I believe a lot of people will be coming to the salon for natural colours: rich brunettes, natural coppers and mousey tones”

Whilst these aren’t necessarily the most visually striking, it is these natural colours that will stand true in the style stakes - enhancing your skin tone and inherent beauty rather than completely transforming it. “It takes a very talented stylist to ensure that these colours look truly effective - it’s all about building a bespoke colour palette for each guest, using their base tone as the inspiration for their own natural finish rather than changing what is already there.”

Whether you’re looking to stay on trend or perhaps feel that your hair needs some TLC, get in touch with one of our guest relations team in London, Tunbridge Wells, Sevenoaks or Verbier who can arrange a free conversation with a colour expert. They’ll listen to exactly how you want to feel - whether that be bold with a new technique or soft and sensuous with a natural tone.