How to get volume in your hair

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How to get volume in your hair

18 Jul 2019

Image credit: Colour by Symon May, The Chapel Tunbridge Wells for Redken's City Beats colour launch

If you like volume or even just a general bounce to your everyday look then having to cope with flat hair all day, every day can be frustrating. We can teach you in person exactly how to blowdry your hair the way you'd like it, but if you are too far away from our 5 UK salons we've put together some general volumising tips that are often never taught!

Boost Your Roots

It all starts at the roots of your hair. As such, root-boosting products should be your best friends. They literally are the scaffolding to your hairstyle. Good root-boosting products will provide support and structure for hair lifts that you manually create close to the roots. Thus, helping your styles last throughout the day, or several days if you’re lucky.

It may be best to go for the products that are specifically designed for fine hair that won’t weigh your hair down. Plus, they work best when used on damp hair – they are not as efficient on dry hair.

Use More Dry Shampoo

Dry shampoo soaks up any oil in your hair roots and adds texture. Thus, significantly boosting the overall shape and look that you are going for. It works great on all hair, whether it’s clean or dirty. Provided you use it just right, dry shampoo will more likely get more volume at your roots. You only need to find one that works perfectly and blends with your hair, and voila, you’ll be well on your way.

Use Hot Rollers for Extra Lift

Hot rollers are another great option to use, especially if you have long enough hair to use them on. It is also a great way of adding more volume to your roots. This, however, depends on the size of the rollers you are using.

When using hot rollers, section them at the centre part of your hair, where a Mohawk would be, in 3 or 4 sections. Then leave them on until they cool. If, however, you use rollers that aren’t heated, then blasting them with a blow-dryer can help. Afterwards, gently unroll your hair and style it with your fingers. It will look amazing.

Try A Round Brush

You can also try using a round brush on your hair as you blow-dry it. Go for the blow brush that has thick bristles for a better grip on your hair when blow-drying. Generally, it doesn’t matter the type of dryer you use, provided it’s a professional-grade one. But a good round brush should help give your hair more volume that can last for a whole day, or longer.

Use More Hairspray and Texturising Spray

The type and amount of hairspray that you use on your hair can also make a huge difference. It is, however, paramount that you shop for and use the right products. Lest you end up with hard or yucky hair instead. Good hairsprays and texturizing sprays are sure to get you more hair volume. Use them after blow-drying your hair to give it more texture and grit before curling it.

Any, one or all of these tricks will guarantee you more hair volume that should last for longer periods. For more information, you can always visit us at any of our hair salons in London, Marlow, Horsham, Tunbridge Wells, Sevenoaks and Verbier. Our expert hairstylists will be more than happy to meet you.