How To Make Your Hair Wavy

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How To Make Your Hair Wavy

15 Apr 2018

Giving yourself wavy hair can be an easy, fuss-free hairstyle to pull off and can be relatively quick to achieve. We've pulled together some top tips from our hairdressers to create wavy looks that might be just what you’re looking for!

Beachy waves

One of the easiest wavy hairstyles to achieve is a beachy waved hair look - think Kate Bosworth in Blue Crush. It's a deliberately messy hairstyle, so there's no need to aim for perfection.

If your hair is naturally fairly straight, you might find that something as simple as putting it in a bun while it's wet and running your fingers through it when it's dried could create a super easy beachy waves look. If you don't have time to wash your hair or your hair could do with a little help, try using some sea salt spray.

Simply spritz it onto your hair and scrunch with your hands for the easiest beachy waves you can imagine.

Wave your hair with braids

If you want to achieve more regular waves without using heat, or your hair needs a little more help, try using braids to wave your hair. Allow your hair to dry naturally until it's just damp, then braid into plaits to create perfectly regular wavy hair.

You can play around with the size of your braids to find the right look for you - too big and chunky, and you'll lose definition in the waves. Too small, and you'll find your hair looks more crimped than wavy.

When your hair is totally dry, loosen the braids to see the effect. To set the look and keep your curls looking fabulous, lightly spray with your favourite hairspray as soon as they're loose, and separate gently with your fingers rather than using a brush.

Using heat to create waves

Of course, the quickest, easiest and sleekest way to create waves is by using your heat styling tools. If your hair tends to be a little frizzy, you might find that using straighteners first to tame your mane helps achieve a smoother final look - just don't get rid of all your volume!

We always, always strongly advice using heat protection on your no matter what it is you’re doing, as human hairs never expected to meet the kinds of temperatures we subject them to. Heat protectants allow you to safely style to your heart’s content!

Although there are lots of products on the market to create waves using heat, you can also use your straighteners to create waves. Some of the most common techniques include braiding your hair, then clamping each section in the hot iron (a quicker option than letting it dry in braids) and clamping 's' shaped sections of hair in your irons to create waves.

Making your hair wavy - and keeping it that way!

However you choose to wave your hair, it's a good idea to use some products to set the style when you're finished - whether it's your favourite hairspray, a volumising spray or something to add a little texture.

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