Need a new cut? The Chapel's breakdown of reinvented classics

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Need a new cut? The Chapel's breakdown of reinvented classics

17 Oct 2016

Lovely layers

From retro-red carpets to today’s star-studded events it’s easy to see that certain styles can look as fresh at any time or any trend. Gently layered lengths are a style staple that has remained popular thanks to its wearability. A simple cut that suits oval and heart shaped faces giving the wearer long hair with interest. Great for those who want to style with some volume and gorgeous curls but also love to wear their hair straight. It’s also an incredibly flattering way to frame the face, particularly with balayage highlights tailored to give a unique subtle finish.

The pixie crop

Elegant, yet striking, a sweet short crop cut has remained a style favourite amongst those looking to make a statement. No matter your age, style or face shape a pixie cut can really work to accentuate your best features. Take modern day influence with this short cut if you have thicker hair, wearing your crop choppy, or perhaps neatly shaven into the nape of the neck. For ladies with heart shaped faces, this style can work particularly well when paired with a longer fringe to frame the face.

A beautiful bob

If you don’t fancy taking the plunge with a full pixie crop, take a gradual approach by taking long hair to a shoulder-skimming lob. A simple chic bob has been a glamorous cut of choice since the 1920’s when women rushed to salons to cut their hair short for a new look. Now, the ‘bob’ is more of an umbrella term for a whole host of shoulder-skimming styles. Whether you wear your hair shaggy or sleek, a great cut will ensure a classic shape. Small changes to the length of bob cut can help adjust the style to suit your face shape, and hidden layers can remove bulk to help the hair sit close to the nape of the neck.

Flawless fringes

Cutting fringe has forever been a great way to transform a style: perfect for those who are looking for a small style update. From sleek side sweeping to bold block, there is a fringe for every face shape. A high forehead and long face shape can be disguised with a heavy, block fringe. Go for a side swept fringe if you have an oval face shape, as a block fringe can look too heavy. A sexy textured fringe that naturally parts has become a style staple for many, reminiscent of the flowing styles of the 1960’s.

Straight or curls

A timeless hair battle: wearing hair straight or enhancing natural waves? Both heat enhanced options have both been in and out of vogue, but both still have a place in our style stakes today. Whilst the poker straight styles are not so flattering for a square face shape, those with oval and heart faces will find skimming hair suits. Beachy waves made popular by the 1970’s boho look work well on layered lengths. Now, curls are a great way to disguise the stresses and strains of a busy schedule and temperamental weather: a stylish solution to our everyday hair troubles.

Making the cut

With any new style, it’s worth considering three very important factors – lifestyle, face shape, and the texture of your hair. Classic styles are timeless for a reason, but here at The Chapel, we understand that our hair needs to adapt to the lifestyle we lead. If you are finding it hard to visualise which classic style will suit you best, our stylists are on hand to guide you toward a look of timeless elegance.