Pixie or bob? Our guide to growing out short hair

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Pixie or bob? Our guide to growing out short hair

28 May 2019

Image credit: The Chapel Hairdressers - Islington

We’ve all been there – that one photo of Frankie Bridge or Lauren Conrad’s fresh new ‘do inspired you to take the plunge and chop off your long locks. But now the novelty has worn off and you’re stuck with a dodgy fringe and layers that just won’t budge.

Growing out a shorter hairstyle can be a frustrating and lengthy process, so we’ve asked our top hairstylists to list five of the best industry tips to tackle that awkward growing-out phase.

Mane maintenance

It may seem counter-intuitive, but keeping up with those regular trips to the hairdressers will allow hair to grow out much faster than when left to its own devices. Dry, brittle and damaged hair will lead to split ends - a sure-fire way to stunt your hair’s natural growth. What’s more, regular trips to an expert stylist will ensure that awkward length still looks stylish - and less like a dodgy mullet.

Take a break from the heat

Short hair often needs styling to get it looking good, however, the more heat you use the worse the damage will be to your hair. Overuse of heat styling tools such as hair straighteners, curling tongs and even the trusty hair dryer can result in excessive damage to the lengths and ends of your hair, so try going one or two days a week where hair is left to dry naturally, and only use styling tools on special occasions. If you must use heat, make sure you’re using a salon-brand heat protectant spray to minimise the damage.

And the shower, too

Another great way to speed up the growth process is to limit how often you wash your hair. If you’re a chronic daily washer, reduce it to once every two days so that hair has time to recover from the harsh chemicals found in many shampoos and styling products. Over-washing your hair can strip it of its natural oils and nutrients, too, which it needs to protect itself from external pollutants. When it’s time to wash, keep water warm but not hot, and choose a shampoo and conditioner with a natural, sulfate-free formula.

Update your hairdrobe

While growing out a pixie cut or graduated bob can take patience, it doesn’t mean you can’t embrace a new look. Try a cute headband, a patterned bandana or embellished clip to add a little style to your mid-length locks. You’ll be surprised how great it feels to breathe new life into a dated ‘do. Plus, it’ll keep that annoying fringe out of your eyes, too!

Embrace it!

You may be dreaming of swishy locks, but hair takes time to grow. Love your hair just as it is – whether it’s a crop, a bob or a mid-length wave, your hair is an extension of you and your personality, so mix it up and don’t be afraid to try something new.

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