The Chapel's checklist to having perfect wedding day hair

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The Chapel's checklist to having perfect wedding day hair

28 Jul 2016

It's often referred to as the "most important" or "happiest day of your life", but as some of you know, your wedding is anything but stress free. Regardless of how long you have been planning your wedding, there is always the fear that something might go wrong. Maybe the flowers don't arrive in time, your second cousin once removed has brought an unannounced plus one, or god forbid your hair has chosen today of all days not to co-operate. But with the right planning, your hair can be the one truly perfect part of your big day. So here's some top tips to make sure you and your stylist are ready and prepared.

How do I make sure that my hair is in tip top condition?

First and foremost, talk to your regular and trusted stylist. Not only will they be able to recommend the right products to use for your hair, but they will also be able to sit down and discuss a hair care routine that you can do in the months leading up to your big day. This preparation will ensure that your hair is in the best possible condition.

If you have unmanageable hair, then always use heat protection, such as Redken's Pillow Proof Express when drying your hair. Use a comb to brush it through instead of a brush to minimise breakages -- there is nothing worse than split ends appearing on your big day.

I cannot stress how important it will be to book in regular appointments with your stylist to have a quick trim (every 8 weeks if you are growing it, 6 if you aren't), and apply regular conditioning treatments weekly.

How do I choose the right hair style?

This may seem like strange advice, but it is often overlooked. Before you choose your hairstyle, make sure you have already picked out your dress.

Your hairstyle needs to compliment the style of your dress. For example, you shouldn't wear your hair down if you have a high collared dress as you will give you a swamped look. If you have an open back then it is advisable to wear your hair to the side to expose you back and the cut of the dress.

How can I avoid a bad hair day?

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If there is one way you can avoid a bad hair day, it is finding a stylist you can trust and with whom you already have a good relationship with. Work with your regular stylist running up to the wedding day to try out different styles and test what works for you. Be completely honest with your stylist, as if anything goes wrong you can then fix it quickly.

Having a full wedding trial, taking a picture of your dress or wearing something with a similar neckline and testing your make up look, will allow you to get a real feel for the type of style will work best. Try two to three styles, showing your stylist the dress, and filling them in on the whole wedding theme so they can get the full picture. Throw everything in the mix, including colours, veils, headpieces, and even shoes.

Once you have had a trial, make sure you or your stylist takes a picture so you don't forget what it looked like. This will also speed things up on the big day as you both know what to expect, and how you can best prepare your hair.

On the day wear an item of clothing with buttons down the front which is easy to take off. Trust us, getting a t-shirt over your head once your hair is done can ruin your whole look, so do not leave it to chance!

Have fun with your style, and remember it's always best to still look like you on your big day, so don't change your look to the extreme. Guests will want to recognise the bride and it's important that your hair represents you as a person. With of all this in mind you will be well on your way to the perfect wedding day hair: a style and day that you will remember for the rest of your life.

Anything else?

Planning your wedding can be incredibly stressful, and even having a million and one to-do lists doesn't tend to ease the stress. Luckily there are resources available out there to make the whole wedding journey a bit easier. We have been working with Hitched to help create a step-by-step guide on how to plan, get photo ready, and execute your perfect wedding.

There are just so many things you have to take into consideration, and what's more they tend to have to tie in with each other. You need inspiration to get you going, that's a given, and what's more practical advice on how to effectively plan your budget, and make a little go a long way is always appreciated.

Hitched provides you with an easy to use filter so you can get expert opinions and advice on whatever stage the bride and groom are at, from popping the question, to throwing an engagement party, choosing the theme, and the big day itself.

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