The Christmas do: how to deck your hair as well your halls

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The Christmas do: how to deck your hair as well your halls

15 Dec 2016

Whether it's your office party, a festive night out with friends, or a full-on family affair,  it's fair to say that it's officially party season. And with everyone in the Christmas mood, there's no better time to get festive with your styling. So we wouldn't go as far to recommend raiding your decorations box for baubles and tinsel, but some well thought out quirky styling and accessories can work to transform your regular look into a statement style that will sparkle brighter than any star atop a tree. With this in mind here are The Chapel's top tips on how to create the perfect Christmas party look.

Decadent decoration

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Dramatic up-dos and intricate curling can look incredible -- but it's not for everyone. A simple way to transform your look is with an elegant hair accessory.  Tailor to suit your style: going big or small, and as subtle or ornate as you desire. It's a great way to add that finishing touch to an outfit, or instantly take your look from day to night. If you've got shorter hair, perhaps go for a jewelled band or cute tiara that are easy to wear and will stay put on the dancefloor. Another creative way to incorporate accessories into your look is by weaving small silver hoops into a Dutch or French plait. Alternatively, try adding a tying a thin glitter thread to the top of your plait and continue to weave into a three section braid. This subtle look acts like the tinsel on a tree -- highlighting your natural tones. If you have heavy hair, opt for a sturdy clip, comb or slide with thick teeth.

Pretty ponytails

Ponytails are a staple party favourite. A simple way to insert some festive feeling is by adding two barrette clips, in contrasting colours. Clip one at the top of the ponytail to hide the hairband, and one halfway down to pin to the head -- a trend straight from the catwalk, and incredibly easy to do! Another great way to update a ponytail is to use a material to wrap sections of the length for a chic style: try using leather or silk ribbons.

Glamorous glitter  

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Glitter makeup is a must-have for the festive season, but have you ever thought about adorning your hair with some sparkle? How about dressing your hair up using some glitter? Using glitter along your parting will instantly bring your bob to life. Simply mix some different size loose glitter and sequins with strong hold gel, and use a clean makeup brush to dab along a sharp parting. If you've got longer hair, why not wear a slick top knot with your hairline painted with glitter. And at the end of the night, use a fine tooth comb to brush out, and a cleansing shampoo to remove residue.

Studs and blooms

If glitter and jewels aren't your thing, why not try an edgier approach and go for a studded accessory. This will add a little grit to your outfit, acting as the perfect way to balance a feminine lace dress. Those with curls, roughly pin up and finish with some dark flowers twisted in securely. You could even go for feathers: peacock feathers look beautiful worn with velvet outfits and really add an opulent twist. Either add a couple loosely into an updo, or choose a slide or fascinator style accessory which will delicately place them into your hair.

Creative Christmas

Accessorising on a tight budget? Raid your jewellery box! Odd earrings and broken necklaces can make great additions to your look. Either add to a grip using a needle and thread to secure, or pin straight into hair. Beaded and pearl necklaces could be used for a 1920's inspired up-do, or if you have some bright costume jewellery recycle for a glam 80's look. A really simple but effective way to accessorise is to use kirby grips in patterns to create triangles or rows of grips: great at holding hair in place and can look super stylish.

For some more festive hairspiration, take a look round our blog or get in touch with one of our festive fashionista expert stylists.

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