To Balayage Or Not To Balayage

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To Balayage Or Not To Balayage

04 Jun 2019

Image credit: Symon May's own twist on the balayage technique - Coralage! The Chapel Tunbridge Wells

What is balayage?

Balayage is the latest trend to sweep the hairdressing world - quite literally. Taken from the French for "to sweep," it is a free-hand way of adding colour to the hair, from the ends up, giving a natural and beautiful effect. But the term is often misunderstood and easily confused, so we're going to put any confusion to bed below...

What's the difference between highlights, ombre and balayage?

Highlights (above)

'Highlights' is the common term that refers to hair that is made lighter than its natural colour - whether you are a blonde, brunette or redhead, it can be applied to all. Hairdressers usually wrap sections of hair in foil from the root to the tip, providing lighter sections throughout the hair.

Ombre (above)

'Ombre' usually refers to the overall look, rather than the actual technique. It is sometimes called 'sombre'. Ombre, meaning "shaded" or "shadow," refers to the gradual lightening of the hair from top to bottom.

Balayage (above)

'Balayage' is the free-hand way of applying colour by dividing the hair. Balayage creates a soft change in colour, usually working downwards from the root to the tip, darker to lighter. Hairdressers can vary in the application of balayage - some separate the hair freehand, whereas some choose to use foil or even wool. Each technique gives an individual and natural result allowing for soft regrowth. Remember, balayage is the technique itself, not actually a specified colour or set look - We always tailor to completely suit your personality, lifestyle and home maintenance and to your hair type.

Is balayage for me?

Yes! There's a reason why it's such a hugely popular style - it works so well on the majority of hairstyles. With the soft graduation of colour from the end to the root, it gives a sunkissed and natural look to all hair colours. Celebrities such as Blake Lively, Sarah Jessica Parker, Halle Berry and Chrissy Teigen are in love with the balayage look and continue to inspire countless women all over the world.

It's not just the longer haired women of the world who are embracing this look - balayage works incredibly well on short pixie style cuts, lifting the hair to create volume and layers, it is both enviable and accessible to all.

Looking after your balayage

Thankfully, it's easy to maintain - far easier to maintain than other styles and therefore doesn't require frequent visits to the salon. A visit once every four or five months would be enough to keep it looking fresh.

One way to look after it at home would be to use purple shampoo to keep the colour bright and vibrant. Trying to limit contact with chlorine and harsh products would work wonders too.

Spoiling yourself with a weekly treatment would help to keep the hair healthy and full of shine. Ask your stylist at the initial appointment which one would work best for your hair.

Balayage is not just a hairstyle - it's a fantastic way to boost confidence and create life and vibrancy to hair.

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