Why Experience Is So Important To The Chapel

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Why Experience Is So Important To The Chapel

15 Jun 2018

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As a generation, we share every single little thing on social media: our travels, instances of immersing ourselves in different cultures, and environments and of us learning new skills. It is fair to say as a whole, we prefer the doing and sharing rather than the having. It’s been said that we are now living in an ‘Experience Age’ and the evidence is all around us.

Each experience differs from one to the next and can mean a lot to the individual in a wide variety of ways. Whether this is a transformational experience, an emotional experience, an in-store experience, a bespoke hairdressing experience or even an experience online -- we all have high standards, and at The Chapel, providing this ultimate experience is at the core of our ethos as well.

So, what does experience really mean to us? We sat down with one of our co-founder’s Amanda Dicker and talked about her experiences and how they have shaped the ethos of The Chapel.

Why is Experience Important to You?

To Amanda, experience is important for growth and self-awareness. “I always think that to experience something fully and to get the most out of everything you do, you should imagine yourself and your life right then in bird’s eye view. As if you are on the tenth floor looking down,” says Amanda. It’s this ethos that she uses to encourage herself to grow and change old patterns.

She has even brought to every aspect of her life -- including The Chapel, work meetings, travelling and social situations. Amanda says, “It’s important to be fully aware of everything you experience. I believe that whatever you think and say will be what you are going to get back.”

An Indian Experience

With this in mind, Amanda recently embarked on a four week trip to India to learn more about the culture and her yoga practice, Kundalini. Eager to know more about the history and background, she undertook a teacher training course. “Kundalini teaches us to think with our gut and our heart more. It takes away worries and anxieties that your mind brings on and a whole lot more,” says Amanda.

Although she learned so much about her practice, travelling through India enriched her more, if anything, than the course did. “I broke down my fears and took myself off the routine I was used to,” she says after spending an entire month exploring and meeting new people.

“This experience required using all of my senses,” she says. “I was aware it was going to help me grow as a person and question the norm.” Amanda knew that this was an experience she would not forget in a hurry and wanted to bring it back into The Chapel salons.

An educational experience

At The Chapel, we understand that a trip to the salon should also encompass all of your senses too. You should feel relaxed, you should be able to pause and take a break out of real life. But most importantly you should leave knowing more about your hair and how best to care for it. That is why we give each of our guests an educational experience on their hair and how to get the best out of their colour, cut or everyday look.

In each of our salons this summer, we decided to Pause. We closed the door and each of our stylists invited one guest each to come into the salon with mood boards, their daily hair products and styling equipment. During the day, each guest would show their stylist how they style their hair. Stylists would swap tips and educate their guests further, and also give them a transformational cut and colour of their choice, showing them how to get the best out of their look.

Giving our guests the best experience is ingrained in everything that we do in the salon. It is even better when we can give something back and give our guests a truly educational and unforgettable experience.

Stay tuned to our blog to find out more about our Pause days.