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When it comes to finding the perfect hairstyle, finding one to suit your face shape is one of the first factors to consider.

If you’re after a new ‘do, hairdressers will be able to offer expert advice on if it’s likely to suit you, and if not, perhaps a few other styles which would suit you better. And it often influenced by the shape of your face.

Here are a few which we think are great for those with heart-shaped faces.


Just like a good pair of jeans, it seems as though layers will never go out of style. They tend to suit every hairstyle, length, and colour, and can be as choppy or subtle as you wish.

Next time you’re at your salon and you feel like a change, ask your stylist about adding a few more layers to frame your face. Due to higher cheekbones and a pointier chin, this really has the tendency to set any heart-shaped face off with ease.


Bangs, especially those which are full of volume and texture, are a great option for a heart-shaped face. A fringe with a bit more length can help to emphasise your face and complement your cheekbones. Try a long fringe at first if you’re new to bangs, then experiment and cut shorter when you’re ready.

Pixie Cut

Many of us are under the impression that short hair can be difficult to pull off, especially if you’re used to longer locks.

However, with a heart-shaped face, a pixie cut can be one of the best ways to show off bone structure. Opting for a cut which has plenty of textured layers can help avoid it looking flat and lifeless, and really makes those heart-shaped features shine.

Middle Parting

A middle parting can be one of the most flattering partings to style. It goes with pretty much any hair length and is a great option for those with heart-shaped faces.

Due to the sharper chin of this facial shape, parting hair in the middle gives the impression of balance. Try styling with loose waves, or poker straight hair, as these tend to be the most flattering and suited options for this particular style of parting.

Classic Beach Waves

Who doesn’t love a beachy wave? It’s a classic (and classy) hairstyle, which requires minimal effort but looks great.

Classic beachy waves look great on most face shapes, but heart shapes especially. The looser, the better.

Use a wide barrel tong to achieve the lovely thick ridges, which sit perfectly against high cheekbones, and fill out the space where your chin sits. If you want some extra oomph, try adding a few hair extensions too.

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