Tips for Reviving Coloured Hair

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Nick Matthews, The Chapel Hairdressers

If you’re one of the 70% of women who colours their hair, you’ll most likely know that freshly coloured feeling when you step out of a salon looking and feeling fabulous. A fresh colour can take our confidence to new heights, to a place where we're checking out our reflection in every shop window and feeling invincible! At The Chapel, we don’t just specialise in hair colour, but we also know how to revive your coloured hair to its fullest potential, so it’s glossy and healthy looking. Here are our top tips for hair colour maintenance.

Wash with the right products

You’ve got your dream colour and now it’s time to look after it with every wash! We always give personal, individual recommendations across our salons but if you are too far away to pop in, we choose REDKEN because it always makes hair look its best. In our opinion, as a whole, they make the best products for extending your hair colour too. Their Colour Extend line provides the best shampoo for hair colour that helps lock your colour in place. Scott Perkins tells us: “Use an anti-oxidant shampoo; a product with a UV-A filter in it (treating your hair like your skin) and moisturising your hair - it slows fade and avoids dullness.”. If you’re worried your hair is looking a bit dull, try one of the hydrating treatments to transform it from lifeless to luscious! You can always pop in and speak to one of our friendly team who will recommend the best one for you!

Use heat tools with products correctly!

Avoid damage! With hair colour, it’s about not having too many big changes, as when you have a big change it often affects the condition, which in turn creates fade through damage.

Simply use a heat protector to stop damaging your hair. Hair dryers, straighteners and curlers are without a doubt amazing products for creating your fantasy hairstyle, but if you’re not using a heat protectant, it can almost certainly make your hair dry and brittle.

Book in for a refresh!

Finally, a sure fire way that you can revive your coloured hair is to book in an appointment with us at The Chapel. We will work with you to make sure your hair is looking its best, whether you want a fresh colour, a deeply nourishing treatment or just some product recommendations. Book an appointment with us today.

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