Autumn trends and styles: The Chapel’s cheat-sheet

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Autumn trends and styles: The Chapel’s cheat-sheet

19 Oct 2015

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A change in season is the perfect opportunity for a new style, so here at The Chapel we've put together your guide to getting enviable autumn hair...

Warm up your colour

This is an oldie but a goodie.  Whether you go from mousy brown to a subtle shade of auburn, or a beachy ombré to a highlighted chocolate brown, warming up your colour will update your look to match the autumn surroundings. Red tones always elevate dull hair and add dimension, so this is also a good switch if your hair is lacking shine and needs a refresh.

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Make sure to use a colour-preserving shampoo and conditioner, or even better: a shampoo or conditioner that has a little bit of red or auburn colour in it. This will extend the time between salon visits, and maintain that 'just dyed' freshness.

Go for the chop

Autumn is also the perfect time to go for the chop. By the time summer rolls back around, if you're not in love with your new 'do, you'll have plenty of time to grow it back before the heat can take its toll on your hair.

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To keep a short chop modern, go for something that allows you to create texture. For thick hair, a blunt lob is relatively low maintenance, will be easy to grow out, and won't require too much of an awkward 'growing out' phase. For those with thinner hair, go for something with some choppy layers to give the illusion of thicker hair, and invest in some good quality texturing products.

Side part it

If committing to a new colour or cut is a little too drastic for your liking, change up your part and you'll have people asking you why you look different. While the 90s middle part has gained some serious popularity over the last couple of years, there's no denying the versatility of a good side part. Deep side parts have been all over the runways recently and have been the base for sultry waves, sleek strands or low ponytails.

Editorial credit: Yevgeniya Lyalko /
Image credit: Editorial credit: Yevgeniya Lyalko /

To achieve the waves, create a deep side part and use a curling tong to create the waves. Curl away from your face, particularly on the side that you've flipped your hair over to. Brush out the curls to give them a soft, romantic look, and finish with a bit of dry shampoo in the roots for a bit of extra lift, and a bit of shine serum through the lengths to eliminate any frizz.

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For a sleek low pony, part your hair, use a heat protectant, and straighten your strands (unless you're lucky enough to have them naturally poker-straight). Slick down your parted hair with a light well gel or hairspray, and brush into a low pony. Fasten with a clear elastic leaving a little strand out. Use the strand to wrap around the elastic, and conceal the end with a hairpin at the base of the ponytail.

Messy low bun

We don't know about you guys, but we're pretty sick of the whole top knot craze. But what do you do with your hair when it's 3 days after you've washed it and it's not quite behaving like it should? Pop it into a low messy bun and make the most of your hair's natural texture. For long hair, create a messy plait and swirl it into a bun to make it a little bit more manageable. For more texture and an added touch of effortlessness (don't worry, we get the irony of doing something extra to look more 'effortless') leave out the front few strands of your hair to be able to tuck them behind your ears, or leave them out for added texture and to frame your face.

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Go for a fringe

If you've opted to warm up your colour, compliment your auburn-hued hair with a flattering fringe. Get a consultation from your hairdresser first to choose a style that frames your face and will be manageable with your hair type. There's nothing worse than a fringe that looks amazing when you first get it done, and never looks the same when you do it yourself at home.

If you've got luscious lengths, opt for a blunt heavy fringe to balance our your style.  For a shorter cut, frame your face with wispy bangs or a sparse fringe.

Editorial credit: Eugene Partyzan /
Image credit: Editorial credit: Eugene Partyzan /

Whatever style you go for, make sure you regularly use moisturizing treatments, particularly before winter hits as heat styling, heating, and air-conditioning can dry out your hair. That along with regular trims will keep your new style fresh, help to avoid split ends, and encourage growth.

Book in with one of our amazing stylists today for an amazing autumn makeover!

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