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Pretty in pastel: choosing the right style for you

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As the sun shows its face again, and we're able to enjoy a weekend picnic or BBQ, we start to shake the shadows of winter from our wardrobes, interiors and our hair. Traditionally this has meant an annual return to lighter highlights for many of us, but as mainstream colours have moved on to include all of the shades of the rainbow, our summer hair habits are adapting too.

It's no coincidence that we're drawn back to pastel hues every summer, and 2017 will be no exception. The deeper toned rainbow hair colours which are more popular in the colder months step aside for ice cream colours that could make your mouth melt.

If you're already blonde, adding some summer fun to your hair with some temporary pastel shades can give you a way to experiment with some new tones, without stepping too far away from what you might want to return to. If your hair is light enough, you can even just play around with some new tones, so it really is a next-to-no commitment change.

Unfortunately, pastel colours do need to be applied to blonde hair, whether natural or acquired through bleach, but don't let that stop you. Remember even Kylie Jenner isn't rocking pastel hair for real; she has quite the wig collection! Small extensions can also be added to darker hair so that bleaching isn't necessary. However, if you'd still like to chase the pastel rainbow for real, we've got the ultimate guide to pastel hair here:

Mother-Of-Pearl hair

All pastels need a light base, but these pearly shades really need a clean white base, making it achievable for those with a naturally light hair colour. These opal colours are made up of pastel mints, corals, pinks and powder blues, often with silver scattered throughout.

Metallic Pastels

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These became so popular that an entire colour range was launched to help more people achieve that coppery goodness. Guy Tang launched his Metallic Pastel range with mauve, silver, violet and bronze shades last year and the trend isn't letting up.

Shine Line Pastels

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These require slightly bolder tones to allow the contrast of colours to look more intention, so these are suitable for those who cannot get their hair quite light enough for the soft pastel shades.

The Dip Dye

Sticking to an ombre means not having to bleach all of your hair, and is a less scary option if you're not sure about having a pastel colour around your face. This look is also achievable with extensions, meaning it's open to all hair types.

Hidden Pastels

Another less extreme way to get some pretty pastels into your life without a full commitment is a hidden pastel rainbow. This example has been created with a panel of extensions, but could equally be recreated with colours. Ideal if you have a job that won't allow a full head of mermaid tones.

If your hair needs bleaching prior to going pastel, do ensure you minimise damage by adding in a bond protector, and with regular hair treatments at home. Pastels are a temporary colour, so if you're wanting to extend their life, wash your hair less often, with a quality colour protecting shampoo, and with cool water. You can refresh the shades at home by using a coloured mask, or by adding some direct dyes into your conditioner.

Why not come into The Chapel and test out some pastel shades in our colour workshop? Here, you can try out new looks and cuts with our wig collection. Or if you still need some more hair inspiration take a look at our blog to see more of the latest hair trends!

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