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How did we perfect our products? An insight into the perfumery process

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"Scent has the power to bring us to a standstill", a mantra that inspired us to create our range. When your senses are overridden by a scent, that is complex and alluring, your natural reaction is often to pause and appreciate it. At this point, you may try to work out what the overall scent might be, what individual notes each level consists of, or maybe find yourself thinking of times gone by. Scents can capture the imagination, make us feel a particular emotion, and transport us back to memories in an instant, and should therefore not be underestimated in the significance of our lives.

The perfumery process is one which we were very excited to become involved in, and fascinated to learn more about. Now, we want to share this knowledge with you, so here is how Oparus, Mellifera, and Noctula's unique scents came into being.

Sussing out our scent

In a similar way to our design process, the foundation of our creativity fundamentally came from our philosophy: take time to be wise. We wanted to make fragrances that not only pleased the noses of those that wore them but encouraged them - and others around them - to take a moment to pause, Whether that be a pause to just enjoy the scent, take in the atmosphere surrounding them, or to apply the product, we wanted to make scents that women were willing to take time out for.

With this deep-rooted goal in mind we enlisted the help of Fran Brown, a pioneering perfumery expert who has worked with the likes of Jo Malone, with her knowledge, and our vision we were able to create three complex fragrances, which have top, heart, and base, notes which work together to create a distinct aroma, evocative of the time of day they represent.

Oparus, our 'morning scent' is fresh and uplifting, with base notes including white musk, zesty heart notes such as orange blossom and passion flower, and energising top notes such as bergamot and black pepper.

Mellifera has an altogether different scent, evocative of hazy summer afternoons. With sweet base notes such as vanilla, floral heart notes such as tuberose and lily of the valley, and fruity top notes such as blueberry and new mown hay.

And finally, Noctula: a deep and decadent scent evocative of the evening. We built this using earthy base notes such as sandalwood, layering with warming notes of beetroot and clove bud, and a sharp top layer of lemon and mandarin.

Perfuming our products

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After curating our scents, the next task was to ensure that the quality of our products matched, and each scent was evenly transferred across the whole range. Again we enlisted the help of world-class partners and specialists to create each product Using top quality ingredients we created our candles, hand creams, and pulse points, enriching them with the essences of each chosen note.

We wanted to create products which made whoever used them feel pampered -- an everyday luxury that they would happily take the time to enjoy fully. With this in mind, we had very exacting standards: producing candles that burn for up to 80 hours, a hand cream full of soothing shea and cocoa butter, and pulse points made of intense essential oils. The end result? Three products we are incredibly proud of, all infused with our bespoke scents.

A natural process

Naturally, this project has been years in the making, however, we never had to overcome any significant challenges. With a strong sense of motivation, and surrounded by a group of very talented individuals the process seemed natural and 'right'. This was even down to the production of the scents themselves with our resident 'nose' highlighting that the initial scents chose at the beginning were those that were used at the end. - a rarity in the industry. And it is now with confidence that we are ready to present our product to you.

We hope you enjoy using the products as much as we enjoyed developing them, and that they help you to take a moment to truly pause. To take a look at our range, visit our shop.

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