Root beer hair: the ultimate winter warmer idea for brunettes

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Luke Gilbert, The Chapel Islington

The rich medium-to-brown brunette trend that you've probably seen taking your feeds this autumn. At The Chapel we celebrate individuality and encourage you to be you. So below we explain what to think about if you're considering Root Beer hair and help you decide if it's for you.

What you may not know is that hair trends, as fast as they often come and go, naturally evolve as they move from one to the next whether that is warm hygge hair or the golden tones of cream soda blonde. Each trend is a new take on the previous and this is no different for root beer hair, which has been sweeping L.A salons and inspiring us across the ocean.

But what does root beer hair look like? Just think of chocolate brown hair with subtle auburn highlights running through it that adds depth and warmth. It is often felt that those with blonde hair have more freedom to experiment when it comes to colour and those with brown hair are limited. Root beer hair provides a different option that creates a rich and luxurious look that isn’t that hard or time-consuming to maintain.

Activating warm hues

There are many ways to achieve root beer hair, so to make things that bit simpler for you we have gone through some variations giving you some tips on how it can be incorporated into your hair and how much maintenance it will need.

All Over Colour

This is relatively simple for most brunettes as the base colour is already there. A quick gloss or glaze will give you that deep nutty shade that is the perfect winter warmer. If you happen to be blonde but still want to explore the dark side then it would be advisable to do so gradually. It's a lot easier to add darker tones overtime than it is to jump straight to brunette and then change your mind.

Highlights and Lowlights

The root beer colour is characterised by its blend of medium and deep toned brown shades. Highlights and lowlights can be used to break up your brown base colour whether that is your natural colour or if you dye your hair. Shades should be kept in the warm brown family so auburn highlights over a chocolate brown work particularly well. These warm tones are flattering on most skin tones but your colourist will work with your skin and eye colour to make sure that the finished look works for you.


The beauty of balayage is that you can have as much or as little of your hair coloured as you would like. This technique implements highlights naturally into your locks giving a sun-kissed finish. It also means that the colour grows out well so you can forget about the constant upkeep. Balayage can also create more of an ombre and add a touch of auburn subtly.

Winter style

We always look to overhaul our clothes style at this time of year as we reach for warmer layers. Many tend to ease off the pastels and vibrant pinks and instead incorporate richer, earthier tones into our wardrobes and makeup bags. Eyeshadow becomes smokier and the hunt begins with the alluring burgundy and berry coloured lipsticks. Root beer hair is ideal for this time of year as it has the ability to enhance your existing look for the winter season or help you to achieve a completely different style.

At The Chapel we don't do 'prescriptive' services, such as services from a set menu, we always tailor the bespoke services to your hair's needs. If you’re keen to experiment with the root beer hair trend but are looking for more advice then come and see us at The Chapel. Our skilled team are on hand with expert knowledge and can provide you with guidance when it comes to colour and style. Make sure you keep up to date with all the latest hair trends by exploring more of our blog.

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