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“Hair transformation is a goal you can work towards. It’s a journey.”

Wonderful hair wisdom from our new Chapel stylist Becky Amos. Quiet yet creative, the lovely Becky is a team player who enjoys getting stuck in — so much so that she’s part of both our Horsham and Tunbridge Wells teams! More than anything, Becky loves creating meaningful relationships with each guest she meets, so we sat down with her to have a lovely conversation of our own.
So, who really is behind the chair? Let’s find out.

Becky, tell us a little about why you became a hairdresser

“Well, I suppose I knew I wanted to go into hairdressing from a very young age. My uncle was a hairdresser, and he and his wife had a little team going on — he would cut and she would colour. The operated from a little make-shift salon converted off of their kitchen, and I would go round and chat and get involved. From then, I understood what it meant to make someone feel great about themselves, and knew it was something I would eventually do myself. I started college not long after and finished my training with Toni & Guy. I worked at a few of their salons after qualifying, in between having my two wonderful kids, and even managed one salon for about 10 years.”

So how did you end up working at The Chapel?

“It was such a coincidence. Unlike most of the stylists here, I didn’t actually know about The Chapel until I applied for the job. By chance, I saw an ad on Facebook for a stylist at the new Horsham salon. At first, I was just curious, I wasn’t even looking for a new job, but once I began to read more blog posts about what The Chapel stands for, I was sold. I thought ‘How amazing would it be to be part of something different?”. I started working for The Chapel at the end of February and haven't looked back since.”

What’s something unique guests will find at The Chapel?

“From an interior design perspective, each and every detail of the salons are selected with our guests in mind. Of course, the salons are gorgeous and unique in their own right, but everything from the seating plan to the sinks is carefully placed to create the most relaxing environment for them. There is so much space to PAUSE, from the inviting consultation sofas, to the relaxing washroom. Even the salon mirrors are designed so that they are back to back (not the typical side to side) so guests get that personal one-on-one experience with their stylist. It creates the most wonderful atmosphere, unlike any other salon I’ve been to.”

What advice would you give to a guest looking for a hair transformation?

“Well, there are so many things to take into consideration when undergoing a hair transformation. It’s unique to each individual guest. I’d look at their hair type, texture, colour etc. but importantly, I’d ask how much time they can dedicate to their hair each day, and whether they can keep up with the maintenance. I’d never want to limit a guest, but it’s important to set expectations so they're not disappointed. If you’re worried about change, I say “just go for it!” The wonderful thing about hair transformation is that it’s a goal you can work towards. It’s a journey. If you don’t like it, you can always change your mind and go in a different direction.”

Where do you get your hairspiration from?

“I find inspiration in so many places. Of course, there are things like Pinterest which we use as part of our Chapel consultation, but I can find it almost anywhere. Walking around the towns, I love just looking at people and seeing the ways that they are using their hair for self-expression. Other places include Fashion week bulletins, magazines, even social media. I’m always a little wary when a guest comes in with inspiration from Instagram, especially because colours can be heavily photoshopped and filtered. But this is where our conversation comes in. It’s all about setting expectations to achieve a style that your guest will be proud to show off.”

What’s the best advice you can pass on as a hairdresser?

“For me, its all about educating guests to be able to maintain their hair themselves at home. While they may seem like basic skills to some, learning how to blow dry or straighten your hair correctly can really change the way a guest feels in-between visits (of course heat protector is a must). When you equip someone with these skills, you're giving someone the ability to feel like themselves on a daily basis. It’s about bringing their personality out through their hair. Seeing that spark of confidence afterwards: there’s nothing like it!”

Well, we’ve loved getting to know Becky and her story a little deeper. If you'd like to meet her or any of our stylists at any of our 5 UK salons, it starts with a conversation. For more stylist interviews and insights just like this, feel free to visit our Chapel blog.

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