3 Essential Men’s looks For Winter

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3 Essential Men’s looks For Winter

02 Jan 2015

As another year drew to its usual frosty finish, one of the most exciting things we noticed about 2014 is that it was the guys who were turning up the creative temperature.

There's no doubt about it, our male guests are becoming far more experimental with length and weight lines in their haircuts, and men's hairstyles in general have been reflecting this trend for months, driven by an increased desire for something both unique and bespoke. Not only are the guys ready to rock edgier, more defined looks, current popular styles all share a common factor; their ability to be adjusted to create a far more individual styles within a spectrum of choice.

Tailoring hairstyles to suit individual needs is one of the core principles we founded The Chapel on, so we're delighted to announce that this winter, gentlemen - it's all about you! Here's three styles for the season we've selected to inspire and are certain you can have some fun with.

Our Islington team are bang on trend for the guys with plenty of barnet (and balls!). Banish the short, back and sides and look back with pity at the "hipster" topknot, it's time say hello to the full-on, sophisticated, majestic "Man-bun", henceforth to be known as the "Mun". This look will work without trying to make it work, and can be combined with a big beard for the full 'Jane Austen's pet caveman look' or worn clean shaven (although we feel a style this dramatically hirsute deserves some complementary facial accessories).

To style a glorious Mun we're recommending Kerastase Spray a Porter for generating that tousled effect by simply spraying it into towel dry hair, then either blow-drying or leaving to dry naturally. Man-buns are good whether worn low at the nape or high on the crown, so play around, work out what suits you - then grab a selfie and show us your muns boys!

Meanwhile our Tunbridge Wells team are also convinced that the guys should be leaving their short tailored looks heading for something more rugged and raw, to complement the winter elements. They also believe it's time for a literal 'about face' in men's styling, with a switch from unkempt beards beneath sharp, tailored cuts in favour of neatly barbered 'gentlemen's beards' contrasting against hair with deliberately dishevelled textures.

To maintain the luxuriously tumbling 'grown-through rockabilly' look they've selected, treat wet hair with Redken's 06 Thickening Lotion, and sculpt hands through while blow-drying. Once dry, use a small amount  of Redken's 22 Shape factor to enhance separation and definition.

At our Sevenoaks salon, the team have picked a style that's tighter at the sides but still all about sweeping those long on top, mussy strands into deliberately casual 'scraped off the face' quiff. The team recommend applying Fibre Lift by Shu Uemura into slightly damp, towel dried hair, then using your fingers to comb the hair while you blow dry it on a medium speed. Once dried use a pea-sized amount of Clay Definer (also by Shu Uemura) to your hands and work it through the hair, sculpting strands into the shape you want.

Take our tips for staying bold in the cold, and whatever the weather over the next few months, when it comes to men's hair out there, we could all be walking through a winter wonderland...