Tricks For Winter Hair Care

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Tricks For Winter Hair Care

22 Jan 2020

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No matter how much we might love the festive season, the cold months can wreck havoc on our hair. After languid months protecting it from the sun and the warmth, suddenly it has to battle a whole new host of elements. But never fear – we’ve put together some top tips on how keep your hair looking beautiful, healthy and full of volume and shine all the way through the winter.

Shake out the damage

A trip to your favourite hairdresser might just be the perfect thing to give your hair some TLC this festive season. If you’ve let your hair grow out, getting a cut and style can help removed damaged split ends and tidy up your style. For those more adventurous clients, many people choose to exchange their long locks for a sharp, shorter style. Moreover, your hairdresser can recommend you a bounty of hair-loving products to keep it protected and luminous over the winter months. Even if you don’t want a drastic change of style, getting a regular styling or even cut will help keep the hair looking healthy and prevent it from drying out or becoming damaged.

Cold Showers

It might seem like the last thing you want when the weather outside is getting below freezing, but a cool shower might just be the key to shiny, healthy-looking hair. Very hot water can damage your hair and strip your scalp of the essential oils and moisturise that it naturally generates. Keeping your shower water on a medium to low temperature will not only soothe your hair as you wash it but will help restore hydration to lacklustre locks.

Credit: Anetlanda/
Image credit: Credit: Anetlanda/

Condition Away

We all know that using a conditioner is an essential part of any healthy hair care routine, but it might be even more important during the colder months. Cold air targets the scalp especially and can cause not only flakiness but dry out the oils and moisture naturally stimulated by the roots of the hair. Conditioner can not only help to strengthen hair that becomes more delicate as its dries out, but can help prevent the build-up of static in the hair which causes tangles.

Invest in some headwear

One of the best parts of winter fashion is undoubtedly the hats. Whether you prefer a stylish beret or want something fluffy and Alpine patterned, investing in a hat is a great way to protect your hair from the elements. Try to look for pieces that have been lined with silk as this will prevent irritation of the hair. It even means that you won’t need to wash your hair as frequently during the week, which will help prevent further damage caused by the shower.

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