4 Ways To Shake-Up Your Hair In 2020

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4 Ways To Shake-Up Your Hair In 2020

21 Jan 2020

Image credit: Hair by Alec Grassby & Lucy Ward, The Chapel Hairdressing. Photo by Oliver Mayhall

Okay, we've emerged from the other side of the several week-long 'New Year, New You' period, the phrase we're all told and often tell ourselves come January 1st. But now that dust has settled and we're firmly into 2020, how do you actually feel now? If you feel like adding a new visual stamp to your photo album that'll be named '2020' or perhaps you're happy with your current style but fancy the smallest of tweaks to make it feel fresh again, we're here to help. With an entire year stretching out before us, the prospects seem endless. Here are a few things you can do to your hair in the new year to make you feel like a brand new person and most importantly, feel like the real you.

1. First, have a dedicated hair conversation

Before we can honestly recommend any of the below, the most essential thing in our opinion is to have a real hair conversation with a professional hairstylist. Why? In 99% of hairdressing experiences, you hop straight in the chair and try not to make your stylist wait, answering to 'what are we doing today?' where the easiest answer is to tidy up and have the usual. So rarely do any of us actually talk about our hair ideas!

If you can, have a good 15-minute chat, talk about your hair history, what you've loved, what you haven't, your lifestyle, your personality, and your home routine. When you look at inspiration images on celebrities for example, what is it about the style that works for them? Is it the framing of the face? Does it bring out their features? And how would it look on you? Too often we see the trend of wanting to look like others and losing individuality, so having a conversation where you're somewhat 'moodboarding' who YOU are can be one of the most powerful things to do. It can be truly remarkable what a difference it makes!

Sidenote - Our 2020 Shape Campaign took 5 women looking for hair inspiration and we simply tweaked their hair shape in most cases without a drastic restyle and the results were amazing. Take a look, here.

2. Get the chop

At some point in their lives, most women have made the decision to cut off all of their hair and give themselves something of a makeover. Whether you’d love a sleek bob or prefer the dramatic style of a pixie cut, cutting off your hair – particularly if it’s long- can make you physically feel lighter and different. If you’re planning a shorter style, consider which will be the most complimentary to your face shape and structure. Need some inspiration? Take a look at Keira Knightley, Halle Berry or Victoria Beckham, all of whom have channeled the short hair look over the years. Of course, we still recommend using other inspirations as a guide to think about what would work for you.

3. A rainbow of colours

If you’ve had the same colour hair your entire life, a change might just be in store for you. You might want to go a few shades lighter or darker or try a bolder colour in one of the colours of the rainbow rather than the traditional choices. In recent years, hair trends have included pastel hair dyes and even grey and white dyed hair, which can look endlessly chic. If you’re considering a new colour, think about what suits your skin tone and whether a warmer or cooler colour would compliment the way you look -but don’t afraid to be a little bold with it too!

4. A new haircare routine

Sometimes, we don’t always think of our hair as a part of our beauty regime, and it suffers for it. Whilst we treat it every so often when we go to the salon and get styled and cut, there’s much more you can do outside of the salon chair to keep your locks looking salon perfect for longer. Consider looking into hair masks or oil treatments that can help soothe and repair damaged hair, or even switching up the products you use and seeing which gives the best results. There are companies out there who, based on the information you give them, send you a shampoo and conditioner collection designed specifically for your hair. Leave bad habits in the past and re-discover your love for your hair.

Whatever your new year hair plans are, you can trust one of our stylists at The Chapel to give you the best advice for you, free of charge without any obligation to book an appointment. We want to help people feel amazing and feel like their true selves! With locations across the South East of England, including London, Kent, West Sussex, and Buckinghamshire, our team of highly trained hairdressers and stylists can help you get the look of your dreams. Visit our website or book a free consultation or appointment.

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