Time to be wise: the inspiration behind our new range

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Time to be wise: the inspiration behind our new range

20 Apr 2017

When was the last time you took a moment to pause, to really stop and think in the present? We have all heard about the benefits of mindfulness, meditation, and yoga, but you may not have the time or the motivation to really commit. For our founder, Amanda, it is just a brief moment of pause that can have the same effects and is a habit she now values above all else. It is this philosophy which has not only inspired but has driven the production of The Chapel's very own lifestyle brand: a range of candles, hand creams, and pulse point fragrances, available in three bespoke scents. Journey with us to discover the complete story of how our fragrance range came into being, and their underlying inspiration.

Live in the now  

All too often we're pressured to be the best version of ourselves: for our own self-esteem, when in a loving relationship, at work, and with the family.  But maintaining this is, as most of us know, can be a challenge. We each have our own stresses and strains and ways of dealing with them, but it was when our founder Amanda took time for herself that her perspective, and life for that matter, changed.

For Amanda, a 'me first approach' worked: allowing her to leave behind the hectic life and schedule which demanded so much of her, in favour of finding a way to communicate what she had learned from her moment of clarity.

Sometimes all you need is a moment to pause and take stock, and it is this philosophy that we have worked to communicate in The Chapel ethos. With our latest range, we are looking to invite women on a journey of self-discovery. We're not promising to solve all of your problems or give you a self-help guide to happiness, but we simply want to give you some time to completely devote to yourself. All could take is a moment of pause, to take stock and appreciate the now.

Humble beginnings

When looking at the range, you might be wondering why a candle, hand cream and pulse point.? "I might not be the first person to create these types of products, but what I want to be different is how people think and feel when they use them,". We wanted to reflect the women the range was created for: connecting with those that find solace in the home, may need to take their moment of pause on the go or at work, or those that are looking for something which prompts them to put down what they might be doing and focus on themselves. Each was created with the intention to enhance your lifestyle, but in a way which does so for your mind, body, and soul.

Each candle, hand cream, and pulse point fragrance is available in three different scents: Oparus, Mellifera, and Noctula. Developed with leading perfumery expert Fran Brown, each scent has a complex range of notes which have been designed to resonate the different times of the day. No longer wearing a watch, Amanda puts more emphasis on these more sensual aspects of the day, and the light of the sun to judge timings, rather than the constant pressure follow the clock. Of course, each fragrance can be used at any time of day, but they have been developed to take on the character of the time on which they are based: the fresh scents of Oparus in the morning, reinvigorating notes of Mellifera in the afternoon, and soothing tones of Noctula in the evening.

Take time for yourself

Aside from being pleasing to the senses, the hope for these products is to 'change the moment' of those who buy them. They represent a message from us, here at The Chapel, and from Amanda herself: now is is the time to be wise, about our health, self-worth, and wellbeing. As Amanda so beautifully puts it,  "pause and be kinder to yourself.  Accept that the more time we take the more life gives us... be more of a human 'being' rather than a human 'doing'.  By being and living in the moment you really do have the chance to be your true self.".

We hope that you enjoy our products as much as we enjoyed creating them. Visit our shop to discover our range, or take a look around our blog for more behind the scenes posts.

A huge thank you and big credit to JDO Design for the artwork

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