Hairdressing Reinvented - The Chapel Islington

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Hairdressing Reinvented - The Chapel Islington

31 Jan 2020

Image credit: The Chapel Islington

The building’s pub days may be behind it, but The Chapel Islington remains a perfect place to wind down, and you can still enjoy a glass of something whilst you’re pampered with the haircut that’s right just for you.

With a laid-back bar, intuitive stylists and an ethos that focuses on the individual’s experience, The Chapel Islington is a perfect place to escape the hustle and bustle of life in the 2020’s.

The inspiring décor and salon design give you a personal space away from the mayhem of London. Visitors to The Chapel will soon feel the experience is designed so that your visit is managed by one of our team all the way through – from our informal one-to-one chats about how you want to feel, through to hair wash colour, cut and styling, you won’t be passed between stylists.

With all services included in one easy to understand pre-agreed by the hour cost, you can open the door onto a haven from the fast-paced fun on the doorstep, and step into time for you.

The Chapel Islington gives you the chance to recharge, feel truly listened to and cared for and return to the world, ready to jump right back in.

Why not start a livechat or give us a call to organise coming in for an informal chat about your hair and enjoy a variety of refreshments from chocolate or healthy snacks, through to a crisp glass of white or any number of our herbal teas.