Shaggy chic: reintroducing a 1970’s classic

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Shaggy chic: reintroducing a 1970’s classic

04 Apr 2017

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The shaggy 70's cut is experiencing a modern revival and could be the style you go for in 2017. Thanks to its versatility, the shag suits all hair types and textures. The 70's style has influenced our wardrobes with embroidery and the flare showcased on the catwalk, now it's time for our hairspiration. Get prepped,  grow out those lobs and prepare to get some layers!

Recently celebs such as Taylor Swift, Chloe Moretz and of course the heavily requested Alexa Chung style have taken some style tips from Stevie Nicks, Debbie Harry and Chrissie Hynde. These were the original queens, and not forgetting the King, Mick Jagger, of the 70's shaggy cut. Style icons have adapted the 70's style for a fresh modern take on the trend: adding face-framing fringes, and a bed-head messy texture. Ideal for upcoming festivals where you might be forced to skip a hair wash. The shag cut looks fabulous styled with headscarves and bands.

Taylor Swift's styles her shaggy cut with a grungy wet finish that adds edginess to her look and is easily achieved on mid length shag cut hair. Use gloss shine products and pomades to work a wet texture into the hair and set with a low hold hairspray to allow movement. If you want a softer more romantic finish, take inspiration from Chloe Moretz. Her soft dishevelled shoulder-length shag cut has workable texture. Copy her look by using a wax spray on mid lengths and ends, tousling the ends of hair with your fingers for a natural curl. The honey blonde and creamy hues add to the bohemian 70's feel. The parted fringe that falls on the top of the cheekbone not only adds to the 70s vibes but flatters the more round shaped face.

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Adjust it to you

Whilst this style suits all hair types and textures, make sure you adjust your specific cut to suit your face shape. Those with wider face shapes might want to go for separated fringes that are parted in the middle to draw attention away from a stronger jawline. If you have a longer face shape, go for heavier fringes that blend into the shag adding width and balancing your face. A fringe isn't for everyone, especially if you feel this would be something that would be a daily styling hassle to deal with.  if you have fine hair, all is not lost. The shag cut will add volume to the crown and ensure volume in the back it's a sneaky way to achieve a fuller look.  

Your stylist may use a combination of scissors or razor cutting to achieve the piecey finish - so don't panic when they switch on the razor in front of you. The razor is lightly dragged down the hair to add soft multiple layers, the longest of which defines the overall length of hair. The shag works well on short, medium or long hair as all that changes is the number of layers. Whether you have dark hair, or light this style will work, although the shag layers will lend themselves well to balayage and highlighted hair for an overall carefree, low maintenance look.

Caring for your cut

To ensure to keep your shag cut looking in tip top condition try to avoid heat styling with straighteners and tongs as much as possible. Air drying is a fantastic way to add natural texture and movement to your hair and avoid damage. If you really can't bare to be without those heated styling tools, make sure you use a heat protection spray. Use a volumising mousse to boost your bounce and calm any frizz with a small drop of serum or hair oil once dry. A wax spray is the key styling product to give your shaggy style piecey texture and definition. Give your hair a regular pampering with moisturising hair masks that nourish to avoid split ends and frizz. With a heavily layered cut, you may find you have flyaways if your hair is dry. To tackle this, look for a shampoo and conditioner that cleanses, removing styling products used, but also moisturising to add shine and make hair look healthy.

Try out a shaggy chic style at The Chapel in their creative workshops, risk-free! This is a cheeky way to try out this new style with zero commitment. A variety of quality wigs, combined with the expert advice on hand by our super stylists will allow you to experiment and see if it's time to change things up and go for that short or long shag cut. Talk to your talented Chapel stylist to discuss the best way to get this popular cut to suit your style.

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