Tips on how you can avoid hair loss

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Tips on how you can avoid hair loss

16 Oct 2019

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There are a wide variety of factors as to why many experience an alarming rate of hair loss. While ageing may be considered as one of the reasons, some of the other underlying factors may be due to poor diet, medications, or the type of products used on hair. Moreover, the good news is that there are various solutions that can help resolve your hair loss issue by simply introducing some of them into your hair care routine. It is, however, recommended to have a doctor get the right diagnosis if you do not see results even after taking the necessary measures to avoid hair loss.

The following are some of the tips that can be followed to combat hair loss

1. Scalp massage

Scalp massage holds many potential benefits due to its ability to stimulate blood circulation on the scalp. The massage can be carried out at a salon since hairdressers are professionally trained on how to work on the scalp by applying pressure on the skin while gently kneading and rubbing it. This helps to nourish the roots of the hair and condition the scalp. Another easy way to combat hair loss while at home is by incorporating a hair care regime that involves scalp massaging when washing your hair with shampoo.

2. Avoid over-processing with chemicals

There are many types of chemical processing treatments out there that may be harmful to the hair. It is always advisable to avoid such chemicals especially if your hair starts thinning as they can lead to massive hair loss due to hair shaft damage. Hair bleaching agents and chemicals that straighten or lighten the hair should also be avoided if the hair is weak. Try and maintain your natural hair and color to reduce possible hair thinning and hair loss altogether.

3. Avoid Hairstyles that pull the hairline

While trying out different hairstyles makes everyone look on point all the time, going overboard with some styles can lead to hair loss. For example, tight braids, cornrows, and ponytails that pull small hairs may cut your hairline. It is, therefore, recommended to avoid such hairstyles that pull and stress your delicate hairs as this may lead to hair loss.

4. Diet

Keeping yourself well-hydrated and incorporating a nutrient-rich diet can reduce the chances of experiencing hair loss. In particular, foods that are rich in vitamins are not only good for your overall health but your hair as well. For instance, vitamin A promotes the production of sebum to the scalp, vitamin E improves blood circulation to the hair follicles, and vitamin B helps in maintaining your hair color. Other nutrients that you may want to take include omega-3 fats and irons, as the former prevents scalp dryness while the latter prevents hair thinning.

5. Use the right comb

Using the right toothed comb can greatly help in avoiding hair loss when untangling your hair. Specifically, getting a wide toothed-comb or using your fingers to detangle the hair can significantly reduce hair loss. You should also avoid brushing wet hair as it is usually weaker when wet, which can result in large amounts of hair loss.

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