Hat-Friendly Hairstyles For Winter

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Hat-Friendly Hairstyles For Winter

03 Jan 2015

Fleeting summer fashions may float through the sunbeams letting it all hang out, but ladies - welcome back to wintertime! Winter looks for us poor, benighted northern-Europeans tend to last for the longest part of the year, and to work they need to balance practicality with style. You don't need to look super sensible but you do need to keep cosy, or run the annual risk of rocking the UK's most popular default winter look - hunched shoulders and a drippy nose...

One of the best ways to stay warm in style is to wear a hat, an accessory just made for expressing yourself while also helpfully prevents you losing 10% - 40% of your body heat. Our hats can often say as much about us as our hairstyles, whether you prefer to look hip but snug in a beanie or bobble-hat, slinky in a fedora or full-on in fake fur.

There's no doubt about it, a great piece of headgear seriously amps up your overall look, but what dictates your choice? Is it your face-shape? Fashion sense? Or just what you grabbed off the hook on the way out the door? Most of us could answer yes to most or all of the above, but it's probably far fewer who can honestly say they take their hairstyle into consideration when choosing a winter hat. Nevertheless, we can't help wearing them both at the same time, and the right hat with the right hair can double their impact to create a sensational complement, while hats and hair that just don't match can detract from each other equally dramatically. So let's take a look at some on-trend winter hats with the perfect hair, creating the styles that are certain to fill you literally brimful of confidence this season.

Those who love to channel their inner snow-bunny with bobble-hats and beanies can make this particular look seriously sexy by softening off them with some exposed length, without it these hat styles can frame the face too harshly. If you have long hair you're guaranteed looking fabulous, otherwise carefully place your fringe across your forehead to frame your face, especially if it's a rounder shape.

Another current trend we're all loving here is the Felt Floppy Hat.

This is a lovely classic look, with a hazy, dreamy vibe that can be dressed up or worn more casual and just as importantly works with pretty much every style and length. Accessorise with 70s vintage style glasses and enjoy the air of mystery the wide brim brings.

For some folk, fake fur is the only way forward through winter, and if that's you then this season the Cossack Hat is all you'll want to be wearing. This is a real statement piece, already being sported by Kate Middleton (so get one early before they're off the shelves) has elegant impact, but remember that those with squarer faces will need to soften the edges, so long hair is preferable for balance.

Year-round hat fans, this one's for you. The Wide Brimmed Fedora is a classic staple; easy to wear, it's the perfect all-rounder that can be worn through the whole year. This style has had many incarnations in past couple of years, but this seasons trend is for the wider brim. Super cool and elegant, fedoras work with any hairstyle and face shape partly because of their dimpled top.

So take our tips and keep it under your hat with casual elegance this winter - and for those who simply can't convince themselves into becoming a member of the hat pack, never fear - earmuffs are back on trend!